A homeless drug addict has revealed his dramatic transformation after spending a month off the streets.

Mark said staying at the shelter in Liverpool was his last chance and if he didn’t succeed he "may as well put myself in a wooden box."

However just weeks into his stay the 43-year-old, who lost a leg when living on the streets, says he feels more "confident" and has filmed a video to show just how much he has changed both physically and mentally.

He has ditched the beard for a clean shaven look and cut his hair significantly. Mark’s drug use and begging has also massively reduced, reports the Liverpool Echo.

His addiction saw him taking 20 bags of heroin and crack every day.

But after just four weeks in the centre, Mark has started to turn his life around. He has cut his drug use down by 90 per cent and is determined to have a better future – and a new leg.

Speaking in a video to Signature boss Lawrence Kenwright, who set up the homeless shelter, Mark said: "One of the reasons I came here was to stop my drug use.

"I was using 10 to 12 bags of heroin and crack a day each – I’m now down to one bag of each a day.

"I’ve managed that in four weeks.

"There’s a photo of me two weeks ago with my big beard and long hair. I feel good, I’ve got people coming up to me saying I look good – which gives me that bit more confidence.

"I feel safe here.

"I’m happy here because I feel like there are opportunities in front of me.

"Opportunities to get my life back to normal and not wake up of a morning wondering who I am going to score off.

"I want to wake up and think I’ve got to get to work."

Mark said he would previously beg on the streets of Liverpool every single day – but reckons he has only begged around six times in the past month.

As well as cutting out the drugs, Mark’s major goal is to get a prosthetic leg to replace the one he lost.

He said: "That is the one thing that keeps me going, knowing that I’m going to walk again.

"That is a big, big thing."

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