A student came home to find his prankster housemate had covered every item in his bedroom in tin foil. 

Lewis Braddock, 21, left the door to his uni digs, thought to be in Nottingham, unlocked.

Ned Barlow, also 21, and his girlfriend Amy Bowman, 20, got their inspiration from other similar practical jokes online.

The cheeky pair then spent £25 on 18 rolls of foil – which cleaned out two shops.

It then took them three hours to cover everything from his bed to his bookshelves in the food wrap on Tuesday.

Ned said old school pal Lewis was initially furious but then found it funny.

He said: "When I saw Lewis’ bedroom was open, I knew I had to take advantage.

"Me and Amy spent hours brainstorming ideas that we’d seen online.

"He was so furious at first but eventually he saw the funny side.

"Besides, it took him far less time to clean up than it had taken us to do it in the first place."

The mischievous student filmed his housemate’s reaction as he opened the door – then posted it on a Nottingham student Facebook page.

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