Sparkling water has long been viewed as a healthier option to drinking soda, as well as an alternative to boring tap water. Yes, it is a better choice than soda, but does that mean sparking water is really healthy for you? The carbonation does give people the feeling of pop without all the sugar, etc. However, just because it is water doesn’t necessarily mean it is the same as drinking regular H20.

Sparkling water that is unflavored is basically as healthy for a person as drinking straight tap or bottled water. According to personal trainer and dietitian Jim White, the only difference between the two is the addition of carbon dioxide. White told PopSugar that as long as it is plain, the calories are the same and there is zero sugar, making sparking just as healthy as traditional flat water.

Those flavored sparkling waters are where the healthiness gets tricky. Some of those are filled with artificial sweeteners and other ingredients that can be almost as bad as drinking soda. Now, not all flavored sparkling water is the same. Therefore, it is imperative that a person checks the label. In many cases, drinking flavored sparkling water is nowhere near as healthy as drinking regular H20.

Another downside to sparkling water is that it can be harder to drink than flat water, which in turn means people are not getting the required amount of water drank per day. White explains that the bubbly effect tends to make people feel full quicker, as well as give them a bloated stomach feeling. These two effects will result in less water being consumed. Remember it is recommended that people drink 64 ounces of water per day.

The final consensus is that, while sparkling water is definitely healthy for a person, it should not replace regular water. People still need to be consuming glasses of regular water, along with sparkling water to ensure all they are receiving all the H20 benefits. All in all, as long as a person does not solely drink sparkling water, then it is a great healthy alternative, especially to soda.

Which do you like better, sparkling or flat water?

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