Hailey Baldwin responded to critics who said she got “too tan” during her romantic vacation with husband Justin Bieber.

The model took to her Instagram stories on Sunday to address the Internet trolls who called her out for soaking up too much sun.

“So today the internet is mad at me for getting too tan!!!!! Shoot!!!!,” she wrote along with a selfie. “I’ll do my best not to get so much sun next time I’m on vacation!”

Baldwin and Bieber are in the Bahamas for a low-key trip, E! News reported. Baldwin also revealed on Sunday she’s slowly trying to transition to become a vegetarian, but is having a hard time cutting out pepperoni pizza out of her diet.

Baldwin has been hitting back at critics in recent days. Baldwin and Bieber, who got married in September, also shut down rumors they were expecting their first child on Friday. Baldwin responded to a Daily Telegraph headline claiming the 22-year-old was pregnant and that her husband had walked out on her.

“How dare you walk out on me and my very pregnant belly…not,” Baldwin sarcastically said in Bieber’s video posted on his Instagram page.

She also slammed social media users for being “so cruel” with their comments.

“I wish people didn’t have to be so cruel on social media. People are awful to you, and then wonder why you get defensive?” Baldwin tweeted Saturday.

“I just wish people knew my heart,” she wrote in a second tweet.

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