The four-fingered matcha bar, which is completely green in colour, has been sold in Japan since 2004 but it's coming to the UK this year.

Matcha is a traditional Japanese drink made from powdered green tea and the KitKat version will be combined with white chocolate surrounding KitKat's usual wafer biscuits.

KitKat says there are no artificial colours, flavors or preservatives used to create the exotic looking snack.

Nestle, which manufactures KitKat, wouldn't tell us exactly when the new bar will be available in the UK or how much it will cost but said it will be "soon".

At 41.5g it's the same size as a regular four-fingered KitKat, which currently costs around 60p to 65p depending on the retailer.

It will contain 222 calories compared to a regular four-fingered KitKat that contains 209 calories.

KitKat says it currently has more than 350 KitKat varieties worldwide.

Alexander von Maillot, global head of confectionery at Nestlé, said: “From its origins in the United Kingdom in 1935, KitKat has grown in popularity across the globe.

"Nestlé in Japan has taken KitKat to the next level in the last two decades, with innovative flavor combinations and inspiring special editions.

"We are excited to bring one of the most iconic Japanese KitKats back home to Europe this year.”

It follows the news that KitKat's four finger Ruby chocolate bars will be available in all UK retailers from this week after initially being exclusive to Tesco where it costs 80p.

The pink chocolate comes from ruby cocoa beans, which are said to have an intense berry-fruitiness taste, and don't require the addition of any flavour or colour.

There's also a pink KitKat ruby Easter egg, which Tesco is selling for £10.

KitKat has also this week started selling Senses bars in salted caramel and hazelnut flavours.

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