It’s a huge concern, where you are going to…you know…at a festival after hours of drinking and eating.

On 26 June the Glastonbury Festival commences, and people are soon going to be waiting for their favourite acts to show up on the legendary Somerset farm.

But where do you go when you need to relieve yourself?

First tip however – the Glastonbury Festival website is very clear about respecting the farm and festival goers, expressly warning not to urinate outside of the designated toilets and urinals provided.

Fish can die because of urine and it can pollute the wildlife in streams (especially if you’ve had one too many lagers and beers).

According to the website, there will be over 2,000 long drop seats across the site this year, with over 1,300 compost toilets which should only have toilet paper thrown down the hole with your waste.

The compost toilets are designed for the waste and the toilet paper to compost with a ‘bulking agent’ like sawdust to help break it down.

The long drop is just that – a toilet that can be used for a long time due to how long the drop is for the waste.

Because of this, it takes a while to fill up. When it is full a new hole is dug and the old one covered with soil.

One thing they mention is that there are fewer portable toilets than ever before on the site this year, bit if you come across one, make sure you flush it before AND after use, since they can get blocked really quickly.

There are some disabled toilets on the site, which have easy access for the wheelchair users on viewing platforms at all the main stages. If you are trying to cut the queue wanting to save time and use these toilets then you will be out of luck. They will be locked to avoid them being misused.

You will have to apply for access via the Glastonbury Festival website.

Urinals are everywhere – there are over 700 metres of male urinals across the site.  There are female urinals known as ‘Shepees’ with four sites across the compound at: Cider Bus, The Park, Glasto Latino and in the Kings Meadow.

People have had numerous experiences with the toilets at Glastonbury.

Blogger Jo Middleton said: ‘It was actually thanks to Glastonbury toilets that I first got a Mooncup, which has definitely been a good thing for me AND the environment!

‘I think it was about ten years ago or so, and Mooncup had stickers everywhere.’

When asked if there were enough toilets, and if the experience was any good she only had good memories.

She added: ‘It always felt like there were loads – queues, but not outrageous. The long drop ones were always the nicest.

‘We did have one horrendous year where we accidentally camped next to a bank of them and were kept awake all night by the metal doors banging.’

But there was also the unfortunate experience of someone falling down the toilet after her phone.

Ruth Walker said: ‘Back in the day (Glasto 2008) a girl dropped her toilet down the long drop loo at Glasto, got stuck trying to retrieve it and then had to be pulled out by emergency services.

‘I can only imagine the smell.’

Yet, among the many awkward and, frankly smelly, anecdotes it might be simplest to make sure you bring Andrex Washlets.

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