A 12-year-old girl was forced to dial 999 as her mother lay dead because the call handler couldn't understand her dad's Polish accent.

Lukasz Zglobicka woke up to find his wife, Monika, 29, dead on the sofa after the pair spent the night binge drinking whiskey and cola.

He quickly dialed 999 but the operator was unable to understand him due to language barriers.

Their young daughter, Rosa, managed to call an ambulance an hour later – but Mrs Zglobicka was already dead.

An inquest heard how the couple, who moved from Poland to Leigh, Greater Manchester, in 2007, were enjoying a Saturday night in when the tragedy occured.

Mrs Zglobicka, who was not usually a heavy drinker, was found with four times the legal alcohol limit for driving.

Her husband told the Bolton hearing: "She was healthy and she never complained about anything.

"In the weeks prior to her death, she had pains in her heart after she drink four or five coffees in one day.

"I last saw her alive on December 14. She had been drinking that day with me."

He said they started drinking at 8.30pm in the evening and he fell asleep on the couch a short while later.

"When I woke up, she was on the floor face down with her hand stretched out," he added.

Detective Inspector Neil Lawless of Greater Manchester Police claims the language issue and delay with getting an ambulance played no role in her death.

He said: "There was a language issue and they asked for an interpreter and, after a minute and half, it was terminated.

"But, I accept that she had was already deceased, so the delay played no role in her death."

A post mortem concluded Mrs Zglobicki had died from acute alcohol intoxication, she had a fatty liver and fibrosis of the heart muscle.

In a statement Mrs Zglobicki's mother, Malgorzala Bosek, who lives in Rzezow in Poland said: "Most of Monika's time was taken up with her children.

"In regards to her health, she was a fit and healthy young lady – I never saw her drinking any alcohol.

"She had a very happy little family and she never made me aware of anything untoward in her life."

Coroner Rachel Syed recorded a conclusion of alcohol related death.

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