“Game of Thrones” author George R.R. Martin is still writing “The Winds of Winter,” the sixth installment of his fantasy book series, but he would like you to pay attention to some other things he’s doing right now, thank you very much. 

For starters, he’s working (in various capacities) on five potential prequels to HBO’s  soon-to-end series “Game of Thrones,” one of which just cast Naomi Watts. He also just published “Fire and Blood,” set in the Westeros of “Thrones,” which he explains is not the new novel but “an imaginary history.” Oh, and he’s got “Nightflyers,” a whole new show based on his work coming to Syfy Sunday, (10 EST/PST). 

But yes, he says, he’s still working on “Winter.”  

“(I’m) pushing to get that one done, and there’s another one beyond that,” the author says. “I’ve given up predicting when they’ll be finished, because every time I do, then it’s not finished by then and everyone gets mad at me. So I’ve learned to say nothing about it.”  

Martin was more keen to talk about “Nightflyers,” an adaptation of his 1980 sci-fi/horror novella about a trip into deep space gone horribly awry that also was adapted into a 1987 film.

“I never did think it would be good for television, actually. It was kind of a surprise to me,” Martin says, noting that he forgot he sold the TV rights along with the film rights back in the ’80s. “Like, two years ago I heard they were developing it as a television series. It actually surprised me, because no one had purchased any rights or anything like that, but I dug out my contract and said, ‘Oh yeah!’ … At that point I got in touch with the people at Universal and Syfy and said: ‘I hear you’re developing this for a TV series. I’d like to hear what you’re doing!’”

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