LAS CRUCES, N.M. – Actor and comedian George Lopez has been charged with battery for allegedly roughing up a man at a New Mexico Hooters last month.

Lopez will be receiving a criminal summons to Las Cruces Municipal Court for the misdemeanor count. He’ll either have to appear in person or hire an attorney to appear for him for his court hearing.

The incident occurred Oct. 14 at a Hooters in Las Cruces.

Video of the incident, recorded by the alleged victim with his cellphone, was obtained by the celebrity news site TMZ.

Lopez told police he was baited into the altercation by the alleged victim, who was making pro-Trump comments and yelling “MAGA.” 

Lopez, who has not been shy about sharing his dislike for President Donald Trump, was filmed last year emptying a water bottle, simulating urination, on the Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

Lopez was in Las Cruces filming the upcoming faith-based movie “Walking with Herb.”

The beginning of the in the NSFW video Hooters video shows the alleged victim waiting for Lopez as he walks by. 

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