Clooney is famous — or is that infamous? — for his on-set (and everywhere else) pranks upon friends, family and co-stars alike!

George Clooney is famous for two things: acting and pranks. So many of his co-stars have spoken out about some of the pranks he’s pulled on him over the years, it’s become well established Hollywood lore.

Now it looks like George is thinking about his legacy, because he’s already got his three-year-old twins, Ella and Alexander, getting in on the action.

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“They both have learned to play pranks, which is good fun,” George told People magazine as part of his appearance in their “People of the Year” issue. A particular favorite is a classic gross-out prank described as the Nutella-in-the-nappy joke.

“I did work with them on putting Nutella in a diaper and then eating it,” he explained. “Whenever a stranger is around, they’ll come in holding it, like, ‘Papa, it’s a dirty nappy!’ and I go, ‘Okay, I’ll take care of it,’ and then they eat the Nutella out of the nappy.”

George was clearing beaming with pride as he talked about the inevitable “freak-outs” as a result of this prank. “Yeah, I taught them that.”

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He also joked about coming late into fatherhood, comparing himself to Tony Randall now that he’s a 59-year-old father with two three-year-old children. But he absolutely loves every aspect of it, and has embraced the Covid quarantine to really sink into fatherhood and his domestic life with wife Amal.

“I mop, vacuum, do laundry and cut hair,” he told the magazine. On top of that, he enjoys reading books to his kids, taking walks with the family dog and watching them in the bouncy castle they’ve set up on the tennis court.

That, if nothing else, should show just how much George is emphasizing fatherhood, converting a perfectly good tennis court into a pad for a bouncy castle.

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