Get me near a beach, and if it’s a reasonable temperature and I’m suited up, I will attempt to get in water. My inclination to bathe, body surf, or simply just float over the waves honestly makes for a fun beach day that doubles up as exercise, but it doesn’t always do me well in the sunscreen department.

In order to prevent sunburn, I need a proper SPF 30 or higher, but I also need it to be resistant to water for as long as possible. Throwing another caveat in there, I also won’t use a chemical sunscreen, which means most of the “sport” sunscreens out there aren’t going the make the cut. 

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Luckily, I spend a shocking amount of time researching sunscreen at work, and might have stumbled upon a new-to-me physical and non-toxic sunscreen that meets all of my requirements: Blue Lizard Sensitive Australian Sunscreen. 

Not only is the sunscreen a physical formula (which means it uses titanium oxide and zinc oxide to block the sun’s rays) and free of controversial and suspicious ingredients, but this sunscreen line is also water resistant for up to 40 minutes. That means if you’ve applied thoroughly with the recommended amount and let it absorb, you can splash along in the water without freaking out about burns. Well, within that time period. It’s also only $15 a tube and sold at many drugstores, which means stocking up won’t be an issue.

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Some more added bonuses: It absorbs quickly, feels light on the skin, and is free of fragrance, which is a huge bonus if your skin is super sensitive. As for that white cast that zinc sunscreens are notorious for? It gets mixed reviews on how much it leaves behind, but Amazon shoppers seem pleased with its overall nonexistent scent.

For me, in particular, I’m pleased with the fact that it scores a 1 with the EWG, which means its formula is free of many potentially dangerous ingredients and is considered a low health hazard. 

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So yes, alongside a bathing suit that doesn’t fall down the minute a wave breaks, you can be sure this will be in my beach bag come summer. 

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