Over the summer, Jazwares and Epic Games inked a deal to roll out a new line of “Fortnite” action figures. The full line landed inside a life-sized loot box at Variety  Friday, giving us a chance to go hands with the minutely detailed toys.

The figures come in a variety of sets. You can purchase a core figure, which comes with a building square and the character’s harvesting tool for about $13. Or you can purchase a couple of different sets. The Squad Mode Core figure pack ($40) includes four figures, each with a weapon, building piece, and a harvesting tool. The Turbo Builder set ($40) includes two figures, four weapons, two harvesting tools, and 81 building pieces.

While the figures seem well designed, especially for the price, and include 19 points of articulation — which means you can move and pose everything from legs, head, and arms down to their hands and feet — the real differentiator with these “Fortnite” toys are the building pieces.

The building pieces are different flat, plastic squares designed to look like a brick wall, wood floor or steel. They’re designed to snap together, edge-to-edge, in a way that allows a person to also fold them into shapes. So you can click six pieces together to form a flat rectangular wall, or fold them at the seam and form a smaller corner. This design makes it easy to recreate some of the odd creations found in a quick match of “Fortnite.”

We used them to string together a bit of a tableau of “Fortnite” battle royale, creating a large letter T, a platform for a sniper and a little room with a window, all in about an hour. It would have been easy to spend the rest of the day playing with the figures, but work and this story called.

Other elements of the toy collection include hard plastic loot boxes ($10) containing weapons and gear for the figures, a “Fortnite” llama loot plush ($10) and a “Fortnite” llama drama loot pinata ($40), which comes packed with goodies for the figures.

Unfortunately, that life-sized, sturdy cardboard loot box isn’t for sale. At least not yet.

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