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An Instagram sensation has been applauded for her recent post-baby clip.

Emily Syke, 35, from Australia, gave birth to her second baby Izaac four months ago.

The mum delighted her 2.5 million followers on Instagram when she got "real" on social media.

She said: "Mamas, did your core return to how it was pre-baby? I'm getting fitter and stronger every day – thanks to my FIT App!

"As you can see my tummy is wrinkly and still wants to come 'out' when I'm not consciously holding it 'tight'.

"I'm sure it will get stronger as my core gets stronger and it will take time."

The mum, who is the creator of Emily Syke Fit, finished the lengthy post telling fans "to love your bodies".

She added: "If I had a choice I'd probably choose not to have these things.

"I'm not going to let these changes make me feel sh***y about myself because I love my body.

"It's freakin' awesome and so is yours!"

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Since the mum-of-two posted the little clip of her at the gym, the video garnered 553,450 views and thousands of comments.

One gushed: "Thanks for keeping it real mama! I still have wrinkly skin and stretch marks but still rock a bikini.

"I was self-conscious at first but quickly learnt to not worry about it and just have fun with the kiddies at the beach."

Another added: "Smashing it buddy! You've had to tackle so many obstacles and that hasn't slowed you down. Proud of you."

A third commented: "Thanks for being authentic on a platform that is saturated in highlights and retouched images."

While a fourth hailed: "You are so amazing. Always keeping it real, an inspiration."

And a fifth wrote: "You're my absolute favourite mum to follow on Instagram. You are magical.

"Seeing you so confident and accepting of your changes makes me do it with my body. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

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