The customer is NOT always right: Employees reveal their VERY petty acts of revenge – from deliberately overcharging to ‘accidental’ spillages

  • Anonymous employees confessed how they get revenge on bad customers 
  • Many revealed they deliberately give customers the wrong order 
  • One worker told how she increased the weight on scales to overcharge
  • Another poured cream onto the lap of a customer who kept touching them

They say the customer is always right, but sometimes the temptation to get revenge on their worst clients can prove too much for employees.

Writing on anonymous sharing app Whisper, people from around the world spoke candidly about the unexpected methods they’ve used to get their own back on awful customers.  

Some found loopholes to deliberately overcharge the most unpleasant individuals, including a Whole Foods Market employee who places their hand on the scale to increase the weight so the shopper has to pay more. 

Meanwhile, a restaurant worker confessed they had ‘accidentally’ poured cream over a diner with wandering hands. 

And a bank teller said that they will deliberately slow down if a customer starts tutting and getting impatient. 

Whisper users from around the world spoke anonymously about the petty methods of revenge they’ve used on bad customers. One worker poured cream on a diner who couldn’t keep their hands to themselves 

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Bad apple! A Whole Foods Market employee admitted to their sly method of overcharging customers who are rude 

Next time you get stuck in a long queue at the bank, you know to blame the impatient person in front of you  

One bar worker told how they were able to convince a rude, drunk customers that a glass of water was white wine 

A retail employee who placed broken security tags in a customer’s bag in the hopes that it would leak on their purchase received a warning from their boss 

One person confessed they made a child cry after their grandmother failed to apologies for the child’s list of insults

Cutting: Another worker told how they warned an elderly customer to be careful of their behaviour in no uncertain terms 

It’s only right to be polite, but you could also be missing out on discounts if you don’t treat staff with respect  

Another employee advised a teen customer who was being difficult to steal a lighter from their mother like other kids 

One person confessed they purposefully gave an employee the wrong order to waste their time for being mean 

If you want a genuine caffeine fix to perk you up on the morning then you had better start being nicer to the barista  

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