Medieval graffiti that people once carved to try and ‘ward off evil spirits’ has been discovered by archaeologists.

Two stones from the remains of a church in Buckinghamshire in the UK had the spooky lines etched into them.

Experts think they are 12th Century “witches’ marks”.

These marks look a bit like a circular web filled with lines and drilled holes.

Historians think medieval people wanted to trap evil spirits within the web or maze they had drawn.

However, some people also interpret the carvings as sundials.

The graffiti was discovered during preparation for the HS2 railway.

The new rail line will go over where the 12th Century church stands.

Medieval St. Mary’s Church was abandoned in 1866.

Its remains are currently being taken down and bodies will be removed from the graveyard and reburied.

The £98billion railway project has received a lot of backlash and a lot of people are worried about the amount of trees needed to be cut down for the project.

The aim is to enhance rail capacity and create a better connection between major UK cities.

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