Ed Sheeran is “perfect” at making people nod off.

A new study from the University of Sheffield says 62 percent of people listen to music to fall asleep — and the ginger singer-songwriter’s relaxing acoustic love songs about doing coke and sleeping with hookers are No. 2 with a bullet.

A total of 545 musical artists were referenced in the research published by the journal PLOS One.

The big sleep soundtrack was Bach — who outranked Sheeran. Other common bedtime companions were Mozart, Brian Eno, Coldplay and then Chopin.

It’s no surprise classical artists charted so high. The study found that it’s the most snooze-inducing genre, with 31.96 percent of respondents noting it as their comatose choice. Other popular genres included rock (10.82 percent), pop (7.47 percent) and acoustic (6.7 percent).

Sonic strange bedfellows such as metal (3.35 percent), electronic (2.58 percent) and house music (0.77 percent) received alarming mentions.

A total of 35.98 percent of respondents said they use music to fall asleep at least weekly, with 4.22 percent of people cueing up lullabies every night.

More than half of people surveyed said music helped them fall asleep faster.

Although this study took place in the UK, Americans don’t fare much better when it comes to slumber success. The Post recently reported that six in 10 Americans are sleep-deprived.

While music is clearly a helpful sleep aid, other techniques from experts include sleeping in a cold room and staying off your phone 30 minutes before bed.

No worries — you have Sheeran to keep you warm.

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