With Blac Chyna & Kid Buu’s recent altercation, a lawyer told HL EXCLUSIVELY whether or not Rob Kardashian can claim in court she’s an unfit mother!

Blac Chyna allegedly got into a violent fight with Kid Buu in Waikiki on Jan. 28, but is it enough for Rob Kardashian to legally claim she’s an unfit mother? When asked if Blac Chyna not taking Dream and going on a trip would be grounds to make such a claim, California Family Law Attorney David T. Pisarra told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, “Not really, maybe if it was a pattern, but if it’s a one-off it’s really her word against his. She can say she did tell Rob. I’m not going to say it’s a humongous issue. The bigger issue is if she took the kid to Mexico, or to France, and didn’t tell him, then that would be an issue. The child was fine, so I don’t think the judge is going to get upset with that.”

And when it comes down to the alleged altercation between Chyna and her boo Kid Buu, Pisarra said, “Chyna’s domestic violence with Kid Buu is also not a really big issue in Rob’s case because Dream wasn’t there. If Dream was present, now we’ve got an issue. However, we can kind of start to see a pattern here and maybe as these incidents build up over the next six months or a year, as Rob documents all of this, he can bring this to a judge and ask to revisit the custody arrangement. But until then it can just look like Chyna’s crazy, but not a bad mom, per se.”

We reported earlier how Rob wants full custody of Dream following her altercation with Kid Buu. “Rob is furious at Chyna for her poor behavior and he wants full custody of Dream,” a source close to Rob EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “Rob feels that Chyna is not as good of a mother as he is a father and so he wants to take care of his child full time. He is tired of hearing about Chyna and all of her boyfriend drama and he does not think it’s healthy for Dream to be around all the nonsense. Rob fears for who is around Dream and what negative influences that are in and out of Chyna’s house and life. He is also tired of paying the high child support for nannies when he feels that Chyna isn’t even always around raising Dream.”

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