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Kim and Kanye could be heading towards divorce a lot sooner than we think.

Following Kanye West’s recent outbursts on social media, Kim Kardashian has been said to be feeling unsafe and fed with her husband’s actions.

Could this actually be the end of Kimye for good?

Kanye’s recent outbursts have taken a toll on Kim

Everyone pretty much knows of Kanye West ongoing outbursts in the media.

As fans know, Kanye West has been under fire for his controversial comments as well as his recent Twitter rants.

The rapper does not sugarcoat his feeling when faced with certain topics. A few months back, West made a very disheartening comment regarding slavery while conducting an interview on TMZ.

There he went into detail about how “slavery was a choice”, and people let their feeling about the controversial comments be known.

In recent news, Kanye West exchanged a few words with rapper Drake on Twitter, which escalated very quickly.

As news of West’s outbursts continues to trend in the news, his wife is said to be at her wit’s end with the rapper.

Sources close to the Kardashian family have stated, “Kanye continues to throw Kim and her family into the fire and she is constantly getting threats and harassment. It is just past the point of getting old and Kim is so fed up with all of this.”

Kim Kardashian is constantly defending her husband

Like any wife would do for her husband, Kim Kardashian West has come to Kanye West’s rescue time after time when he is attacked or wrongly accused in the media.

During a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the reality star opened up about her husband’s TMZ backlash and defends him by stating, “When I saw the clip, I rushed home, I was hysterically crying. So I go home, he’s totally fine. When he gets ramped up, he can’t control what he says. He can’t let it go, but he loves getting ramped up. As a wife, it’s frustrating to see the media take everything and run with it.”

Just this past Friday, Kardashian took to Twitter to call out Drake for his comments towards Kanye West following their ongoing Twitter feud.

Even though Kim Kardashian West continues to support her husband, many believe that a person can take but so much when someone is causing so much turmoil in their lives.

The reality star and mother of three is continually defending Kanye even if she does not fully agree with his stance on certain things.

Many are beginning to worry that Kanye’s West’s comments will lead to much bigger problems. Kardashian is said to be worried that her husband’s comments could potentially put their children in harm’s way if someone ever tries to seek revenge on Kanye’s for his controversial comments.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s family | Kim Kardashian via Instagram

Sources reveal that Kardashian has talked to West countless times about his comments and feels as though he is intentionally making people angry.

No official word of a divorce just yet

People are continually bothered by West’s outbursts. The rapper is known to use any form of media in order for him to get his point across.

While Kim Kardashian will most likely continue to defend Kanye West, fans wonder if the reality star will eventually get fed up with her husband’s actions and end their marriage.

At the moment, the couple is still together and we will see what happens if Kanye West gets into anymore Twitter wars in the near future.


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