From colorful churros to Mickey-shaped ice cream bars, the snacks you can get at Disney’s myriad theme parks are almost as famous as the parks themselves these days. And if those snacks are your own personal favorite part of a trip to Disney, good news: The Disney Parks Food Icons collection lets you take that love home with you and plunk it down right in your own kitchen. The best part? You don’t even have to go to Disney to get them — they’re available right on Disney’s online store, shopDisney.

The Disney Parks Food Icons designs were created especially for the Walt Disney World and Disneyland parks — but, as Disney has been wont to do lately, they’ve now made the park exclusives available on shopDisney. Remember those cute Starbucks x Disney mugs that debuted in 2017? They hit shopDisney just a few months ago, at the end of 2018. Same with the “potion purple” mouse ear headbands that arrived in the parks in December to shake up the millennial pink trend. And now, the Disney Parks Food Icons line — all decked out in mouse ear cupcakes, themed pretzels, and of course the mighty Dole Whip — has joined the party.

Bless the internet.

You can see the whole collection here, but these 10 highlights are definitely worth adding to your own home:

1. Food Icons Serving Bowl

Disney Parks Food Icons Serving Bowl



Made of melamine and measuring two and a half inches high and 12.5 inches in diameter, this delightful serving bowl is printed all over with tiny images of Mickey ice cream bars, pretzels, cupcakes, ice cream sandwiches, and caramel apples; Minnie doughnuts and cupcakes; Sleeping Beauty Castle cookies; and other park favorites like churros and popcorn buckets. I think I even spot a few Dole Whips and Floats in there.

2. Food Icons Plates

Disney Parks Food Icons Plate Set



This set of four melamine plates highlights one iconic treat or snack in the center of each — Mickey and Minnie candy apples, a mouse-shaped doughnut, a mouse-shaped pretzel, and a slice of pizza with mouse silhouette pepperoni on it — and includes the same print from the serving bowl around he edges. Ugh. So cute.

3. Food Icons Coasters

Disney Parks Food Icons Coaster Set



In case you’ve ever longed to rest your drink on a Mickey waffle (with a huge pat of butter melting down the side of his face), a Mickey ice cream sandwich, a Minnie doughnut, or a frosting-covered mouse ear rice crispy treat, now’s your chance. The coasters come in a set of four; for the curious, they’re made of silicone.

4. Dole Whip String Lights

Disney Parks Food Icon String Lights Set



OK, OK, so technically, they’re “Pineapple Swirl” string lights, according to the item’s product description… but let’s face it: Those are Dole Whips. Little, tiny, illuminated Dole Whips. AND I LOVE THEM. The frosty treats alternate with blue mouse silhouettes on a string of 10.

5. Mickey And Minnie Ice Cream Cups

Disney Parks Food Ice Cream Cups Set



Although the cups in this set of two are meant to resemble Mickey- and Minnie-themed ice cream cones, there’s nothing that says you absolutely have to use them solely for ice cream; go ahead and eat or drink whatever you want out of ‘em (although it’s worth noting that they’re not microwave-safe, so maaaaybe don’t use them for hot things).

6. Food Icons Apron

Disney Parks Food Icons Apron



Not only does this apron feature the same all-over print from the serving bowl, but even better, the pocket looks like a Mickey ice cream bar. Staying clean in the kitchen has never been so fun.

7. Dole Whip Drink Tumbler

Food Novelty Tumbler With Straw



Again — like the string lights — this one is technically NOT a Dole Whip, but… it’s a Dole Whip. Or maybe a Dole Float. Either way, it is adorable and I love it.

8. Mickey And Minnie Bottle Stoppers

Mickey Mouse And Minnie Mouse Bottle Stoppers



Made of food-grade silicone, these bottle stoppers look like adorable, cartoon-y little Disney sundaes — complete with sprinkles and a cherry on top. They come in a set of two.

9. Sticky Notes Set

Disney Parks Food Sticky Notepad Set



You’ll never forget anything on your to-do list if you write it on one of these four pads (which come as a set, by the way) — how could you resist continually gazing adoringly at it when it looks like a n iconic Disney treat?

10. Food Icons Mini Backpack

Disney Parks Food Icons Mini Backpack by Loungefly



OK, yes, I realize a mini backpack isn’t really a home good or houseware — but, I mean, hey, you’ve gotta store your stuff somewhere, right?

There are also a few other wearable items in the collection, including a hooded tank top and a crossbody bag shaped like a Minnie doughnut, so if you’d rather sport your love of Disney park snacks by literally wearing it on your sleeve, go right ahead and do that. The full Disney Parks Food Icons collection can be found here.

Now if you’ll excuse me… it’s time for lunch.

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