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It might be satisfying to perfect the toothpaste swish every morning before brushing your teeth, but a dentist has revealed that it is "way too much".

Malaysian-based dentist Dr Jye-teh Gao shared the lesser-known knowledge to his 98,900 fans on TikTok and said the amount of toothpaste shown in advertisements was excessive.

In the clip, he says only a smear of toothpaste is needed for children aged three and below.

And for all adults and any children older, Dr Gao adds: "A pea-size amount is plenty."

The clip has amassed a whopping 6.3 million views with many left amazed at the amount of toothpaste they have wasted.

One said: "That’s why electric brushes can only hold pea size toothpaste."

A shocked viewer wrote: "Thinking of all the toothpaste I’ve wasted."

A third added: "We’ve been misled by advertisement all these years."

Dr Gao mentioned in another video that using excessive amounts of toothpaste could cause discolouration on the teeth and that it could be detrimental to children when their adult teeth are still developing under the gums.

He explained: "This is because fluoride, when ingested in large amounts, can cause a cosmetic condition known as dental fluorosis on the developing teeth.

"The cosmetic implications range from mild discolouration to yellow and brown stains to obvious pits in the teeth."

Giving tips on another common brushing mistake, he said: "Once you brush your teeth, you should spit out the excess and not rinse your mouth with water.

"This is because the fluoride in the toothpaste takes time to act on your teeth".

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