It's officially spooky season, and Demi Lovato's Halloween game is on lock. 

With Halloween parties officially gearing up to begin, the pop star took to Instagram to debut her look for this year's scariest night of the year. In this case, however, Demi's costume was just scarily good.  

Demi debuted her regal Marie Antoinette costume, complete with a dramatic Le Pouf Sentimental hairstyle, the creation of late French hairdresser Léonard Autié. The final Queen of France before the French Revolution was known for her iconic hairstyle, which was massive. 

"Halloween round 1… I told y’all I don’t play on Halloween!! It’s my time to shine glam team killed it  @etienneortega & @paulnortonhair ," Demi captioned her photo. She shouted out her makeup artist Etienne Ortega and hairstylist Paul Norton there for a job well done, because a look this ornate obviously took several people to bring to fruition. 

Demi looks unrecognizable here without her signature darker locks, with the wig giving her a total transformation. It's been some time since the singer went blonde (2018, at least!), and it still totally suits her, even if this isn't her real flowing locks. 

The costume also called for steel blue eyeshadow, dramatic fake lashes, and perfectly manicured brows to bring her persona to life. But it wasn't just the hair and makeup that brought everything together. Demi's almost period-appropriate dress brought some real Kirsten Dunst vibes from the 2006 film Marie Antoinette, (albeit with a much shorter skirt than the real Marie would have worn) as well as spiky nails that could do some serious damage. 

Demi's costume certainly had plenty of thought behind it, and now it has us excited to see who's going to reveal their Halloween look next. Alright, pop stars. The gauntlet has officially been thrown down. Is anyone going to try and come for Demi's costume throne?

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