The comedian rarely makes public appearances, but one couple got treated to an amazing gift from the former Comedy Central host.

Comedian Dave Chappelle isn’t a very public person, but for one Ohio couple taking engagement pictures, he’ll make an exception — and it’s probably going to be one of the coolest wedding gifts that they’ll end up getting.

The former host of the eponymous Chappelle Show on Comedy Central was strolling about Yellow Springs, Ohio — a town nearby his residence in the state — when he happened upon a couple posing for engagement photos.

Tommy Saunders and Emily Eldridge were star-struck when they saw Chappelle near them. Saunders saw an opportunity to ask the comedian to help them take their photo shoot to amazing new levels, per reporting from KIRO7.

“We were outside taking some pics and he was nearby. I asked if he would join us,” Saunders said in a Facebook post.

Chappelle was reluctant, but was convinced that it might be fun to do. “[A]t first he wasn’t about it, but then he said he would ‘photobomb’ us,” Saunders explained.

In the photos, Saunders and Eldridge seem to be drinking a flight of beers on top of a barrel. They appear to take little notice of Chappelle, who is indeed in the background, his head sticking out between the two in a classic “photobombing” pose.

Chappelle hosted the Chappelle Show for two seasons on Comedy Central. During production of the third season, he could no longer handle the pressures of celebrity life — and took flight to South Africa for some time in 2005, according to TIME. When he returned to the U.S., he faded into obscurity, buying a farm in Ohio — although now he does conduct limited stand-up comedy shows across the country.

Recently, Chappelle — alongside comedian Jon Stewart, another Comedy Central alumnus — talked candidly about the state of American politics in the age of Trump. Given the sometimes political nature of his show, it only seemed natural to ask the comedian his thoughts on the current president.

“Is he doing a good job, am I happy with what he’s doing? No. It’s been very difficult to watch the last couple of years,” Chappelle said about President Donald Trump, per previous reporting from the Inquisitr.

But Chappelle also pointed out that a lot of the issues in America today were not of Trump’s making, and that an alleged social media campaign aimed at interfering in American elections by Russia in 2016 was only successful because of problems that had already existed here.

“Even when they say that Russia influenced the election, it’s kind of like, is Russia making us racist? Is that who’s doing it?” Chappelle asked in a rhetorical fashion.

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