It’s been a pretty great awards season for the cast of Crazy Rich Asians so far. From winning a Critics’ Choice Award to being nominated at the Golden Globes, the breakout hit movie has had a constant positive buzz about it since it premiered back in August. But after the announcement of the Academy Awards nominations on Jan. 22, the Crazy Rich Asians Oscars snub has many fans extremely disappointed.

The nominations for the 91st Academy Awards were announced on Tuesday and including many acclaimed films, like A Star Is Born, Roma, and Black Panther. However, Crazy Rich Asians, was nowhere to be seen on the list at all. As mentioned before, the film has received a ton of noms from other shows, like Best Actress in a Comedy and Best Comedy at the Critic’s Choice Awards, the latter of which it won. It also was nominated for those same categories at the Golden Globes. But Oscars? Nothing.

Being a comedy rather than a drama, the movie might have had less of a chance at getting a Best Picture or Best Actress nomination at the Oscars, but the fact that it received nothing has left viewers more than a little rattled.

Of those other nominations it could have gotten, Best Costume Design and Production Design were absolutely categories Crazy Rich Asians could have competed in (did you see that wedding and subsequent reception scene?). And another consensus among fans on Twitter, including a few Oscars predictions articles, was that Michelle Yeoh — who played Eleanor Sung-Young, Nick’s powerful mother — should have received a nom for Best Supporting Actress.

The bigger picture of it all is that Crazy Rich Asians had a great theatrical run and was a huge win for diversity, especially for Asians. It was the first all-Asian cast in 25 years. 25 years since only Asians have appeared on screen and it dominated. It doesn’t need to be said that that type of representation for Asians is long overdue and with or without nominations, the film is a huge accomplishment, of course.

But as pointed out by Bustle writer Tatiana Tenreyro, just nominating diverse films isn’t enough. It’s not a great look to have movies like Green Book, which has received a ton of backlash for having a white savior complex compounded with having a white director incorrectly telling the story of a Black man, nominated for five Oscars. It says a lot that Crazy Rich Asians, which has Asians working on the production of it all from beginning to end to tell an authentic story, hasn’t received the same praise from critics. Again, it’s a comedy, so it’s harder to get a nomination in bigger categories, but it deserved something.

So while that’s a bummer for fans of the film and the extravagance of it all, a bright side is that a sequel is coming your way. It was announced a week after Crazy Rich Asians premiered, and only makes sense considering there are three books in the series the first movie was based on. But watch out for some variations, according to director Jon M. Chu. "I think it won’t just be China Rich Girlfriend," Chu said in an interview with Deadline. "I think there are things that we left out of Crazy Rich Asians that we would love to explore as well. We have such a deep bench of characters … and I didn’t get to use a lot of them in Crazy Rich Asians."

Regardless of award season not going exactly as hoped for by fans, the movie was an instant classic from the start and one of the best rom-coms in decades. Even though an Oscar nod would have been nice, a sequel is in the works and fans couldn’t deserve more.

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