Coachella turns 20 years old in 2019 while also celebrating its 20th anniversary.

It skipped one year in 2000 due to financial difficulties. But the music festival has been doing just fine since those early growing pains, thank you very much.

Coachella was named best outdoor music festival in North America by industry watchdog Pollstar in its inaugural year, and it has repeated that honor 12 times, including earlier this year when it regained its title after losing the award in 2017 to Desert Trip, which was also produced by Goldenvoice.Here’s a look back at some of the highlights from the first 19 years of Coachella:

1999: L.A. music promoter, Goldenvoice, brings a mix of indie rock, hip-hop and electronic music to the Empire Polo Field in Indio on a hot October weekend, following the belief of founders Paul Tollett and Rick Van Santen that a combination of niche audiences for music unable to get on pop radio will attract the 70,000 people they need to turn a profit with just $50 daily admission fees. Somehow, the vast variety of music unites this alternative nation. They delight in seeing Beck dance, Rage Against the Machine combust, the Chemical Brothers roar and Moby mix electronics with old gospel and field music. Coachella distinguishes itself from the the disastrous Woodstock festival of a few months earlier and reinvents music festivals. Unfortunately, only 37,000 people show up and the promoters must sell their homes and cars to save their company. Coachella must go dark for a year before Goldenvoice can re-create its dream festival.

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