Things are going well for Chris Lane and Lauren Bushnell. In fact, she’s even re-locating to Nashville for him! He dished on that and MUCH more in this EXCLUSIVE interview!

After less than six months of dating, Chris Lane and Lauren Bushnell are taking a big step in their relationship. “She’s actually moving to Nashville [from California] in a couple of weeks!” Chris told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY before his performance at the Grammy Museum in L.A. “I’m very excited. Here’s the thing that I don’t love doing right now — it’s like travel on top of travel. So I usually fly [to California] or she flies [to Nashville], but we’re both traveling so much right now [in general], so [her moving] is going to help take a little bit of that off the plate.”

The country singer also added that he “definitely” thinks he found “the one” with Lauren, and, when asked if he thinks there’ll be an engagement for them in 2019, he laughed and admitted, “We’ll see!” Chris and Lauren met years ago and were friends for quite some time, but their relationship didn’t become romantic until an August 2018 trip to the Bahamas with friends. They made their official debut as a couple at the BMI Awards in November. “Obviously, she’s very beautiful,” he gushed in our interview.”I find her to be very beautiful, but my favorite part about her is her personality. She makes me laugh uncontrollably hard. She’s just a funny human being.”

Of course, Lauren has become a muse for Chris when it comes to writing new music. “We have a really good thing and she certainly makes me feel so good,” Chris explained. “That alone inspires me to, every day, go in and write the best songs that I can. One of my favorite things is finishing that song I’ve written that day, getting a demo for it and playing it for her and saying, ‘Hey, what are your thoughts on this?’ She’s usually honest. That’s one of my favorite things — just bouncing songs off of her that I’ve written.”

Chris is currently riding the high of his latest single, “I Don’t Know About You,” and admitted that “it’s nuts” to hear a crowd’s excited response whenever he plays it live. This summer he’ll be hitting the road with Brad Paisley. “I’ve been to a million Brad Paisley tours growing up, not ever knowing that I was going to be an artist in this industry,” Chris said. “I’ve seen him a lot throughout college, so I’m super excited just to be part of it. I don’t know him on a personal level yet, but all of the guys I’m friends with who have been on tour with him speak so highly of him, and that makes it even more exciting.”

Lauren first became a public figure on Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor, which aired at the beginning of 2016. She got engaged to Ben during the show’s finale, and they stayed together for more than one year after that. However, by spring 2017, they ended things. She started dating Devin Antin shortly after that, but broke up with him during summer 2018. As for Chris, this relationship with Lauren is his first in a “very long time,” as he was focused on his career for so long beforehand. “I wasn’t necessarily looking out, but it kind of just happened,” he revealed. “And it’s been a really good thing.”

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