Think your cat is destructive just because they clawed up your sofa?

Your feline pal has nothing on Amber, trust us.

Amber’s misbehaviour is so immense that she managed to flood her family’s entire home – and her owners are still not sure just how much the damage will cost to fix.

Mischievous moggy Amber secretly developed a fun new trick in lockdown: turning on taps and closing plugholes.

She decided to do this when her owner Jasmin Stork, a project manager, had popped out to the shops to grab some food.

Despite only being out of the house for half an hour, Jasmin, 26, returned home to be greeted by a torrent of water coming through her living room.

Thanks to the water cascading from the bathroom above, a puddle formed in the middle of the downstairs laminate flooring, soaking a package and a rug underneath.

The moment Jasmin saw the water, she knew her and her boyfriend Robbie’s cat Amber was to blame, having filmed the kitty playing with the sink tap only a few days before – although she didn’t know Amber would combine this habit with another new ‘trick’ of closing the plughole.

But when Jasmin confronted Amber, the cat showed zero remorse.

Jasmin, whose water-wrecked home is in Kingston-upon-Hull, East Yorks, said: ‘I knew as soon as I walked into the living room what had happened. I ran upstairs and the tap was on full and water was overflowing the sink. It was everywhere.

‘Amber thought it was great.

‘She was sat in the kitchen doorway into the living room, tapping her paws away in the water merrily like it was great fun… No remorse whatsoever.’

Amber managed to cause quite a bit of damage, as water dripped through the wooden flooring and ruined lots of Jasmin’s possessions.

Jasmin estimates sorting out the damage will cost thousands.

‘I was only popping to the shop on my lunch so it didn’t even occur to me that the bathroom door was open, because she had just been sleeping all morning and I hadn’t heard a peep,’ she said.

‘I was about 30 minutes, and on the phone to my mum as I got back home, who I am sure could no doubt hear the horror in my voice when I opened the front door to my living room pouring with water.

‘I’m just thankful I was only gone 30 minutes and not out at work all day or it would have been a lot worse.

‘We’re still drying out some stuff, so we don’t yet know how much the damage will cost to fix.

‘The ceiling hasn’t fallen through which is a blessing. We live in an old cottage style house so the water was dripping through the wooden boards.

‘It will be a case of replacing the flooring that we have had to rip up.

‘To replace everything, I think it’ll cost thousands. Obviously we’ll need to replace the floor in the living room and bathroom.

‘But we also need to sort the hallway floor outside the bathroom and get new units and fittings for in there too.’

Jasmin shared a video of the carnage her one-year-old cat caused on TikTok, where it was viewed more than 140,000 times.

She has now learned to close the door of the bathroom to stop naughty Amber from destroying the entire house again.

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