A former flight attendant has revealed how she knew passengers were joining the 'mile high club'.

But the unnamed woman said certain criteria has to be met to qualify for the unusual achievement.

The ex-air hostess, who chose to remain anonymous, said the door of the bathroom would 'always shake' when two people were getting frisky behind it.

But the act alone doesn't count, according to the Sydney-based woman, as the passengers have to have met on the plane and decided to have sex, rather than already be partners who were bored during the flight.

She said that the flight attendants would generally ignore the illicit behaviour but on one occasion her manager decided to make a big deal of it.

She told Yahoo Lifestyle: 'He said "look, we've got a bit of a mile high situation happening in the toilet and I just want to really congratulate the happy couple when they come out."'

So she lined up in a guard of honour that stretched along the aisle and promptly began clapping when they came out.

The woman is said to have looked embarrassed while the man who accompanied her seemed worried they were about to be told off for their toilet romp.

"But at the end of the tunnel of flight attendants, the manager was standing there with this bottle of champagne and said: 'On behalf of the crew, we'd just like to welcome you to the mile high club' and everyone clapped again and then we all just dispersed back to our jobs,' she said.

The flight attendant went on to say it was a 'totally normal' situation for them to have been in.

A Reddit user once said that the majority of flight attendants would leave you alone in this instance.

"From all the Ask Me Anythings I have read from stewardesses on Reddit they all said as long as you aren't being super loud and belligerent about it they wont interrupt you," they said.

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