A kind-hearted butcher is promising free meat hampers this Christmas to struggling families on Universal Credit.

David Jones, 52, believes the government’s benefits system is "barbaric" and "cruel" so wants to help claimants in any way he can.

The festive hampers will be filled with a turkey crown, a pig in a blanket and a pork pie and then gifted to people waiting for their initial Universal Credit payment.

David, who owns D Jones Quality Butcher in Dewsbury, told Examiner Live: "People are stuck waiting for their first payment with no money before Christmas.

"They are the people we are really aiming to help."

The government says that Universal Credit is designed to simplify an over-complicated benefit system by combining several different payments in to one.

Controversially though, under the current system, there is a mandatory five week waiting period until claimants can receive their first payment.

This means that some people who are in dire need of money are left with very little in the run up to Christmas – traditionally a more expensive time of year.

David said the idea behind his Universal Credit Christmas hampers is to hopefully help out with some of the more essential costs associated with Christmas.

"We require a little bit of proof of their situation but I don’t want people to think they are going to get interrogated," explained David.

A team of volunteers will help to ensure everybody who has applied a free meat hamper fro D Jones Quality Butcher is able to receive one in the days just before Christmas – whether they can come to the shop or not.

David explained: "I’ve got some volunteers that are going to help distribute some of the hampers to people next Saturday.

"Some of the people on Universal Credit that need a hamper can’t about that easily so we need to take it to them."

David admitted the area he could deliver to was limited.

"We can’t go everywhere," he said. "We are trying to stick to around this postcode – Dewsbury and the surrounding area.

"I wish I could help everyone but I can’t."

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