Burrito Pop is a cylindrical Burrito holder for those on the move. The idea for the container was created by Madelin Woods when she was ordering from her favorite burrito truck. With her hands full, she discovered that using her empty coffee mug for a carrying device was an effective solution.

As she continued to eat her burrito, so realized that she was able to both work and eat thanks to the prevention of sauce on her hands and that any spillage was kept within the mug. Since then, the idea has been improved upon, where the Burrito Pop sees a patented “Burrito Elevator” that raises your wrap/burrito higher as you eat. The Burrito pop also comes in a number of colors, is microwavable, and is dishwasher friendly.

Burrito addicts can find find the Burrito Pop over at its Kickstarter for $33 USD.

In other food news, GrowthRing & Supply opens “Cantown” restaurant in Nakameguro, Tokyo.
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