After delays and rewrites to its eighth season that threatened its very existence, NBC has confirmed Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be back in 2021.

Most things have kind of been on hold for the past four or five months due to the global pandemic. That includes the movie and TV industry. Various studios and shows have had to stop production and diligently wait for a time when it is safe to return. That time is gradually starting to return for many as life slowly returns to normal.

One show that faced even more uncertainty than the others is Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Other than the COVID-19 outbreak, the biggest happening in the world in 2020 has been the protests surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement. They were sparked by the death of George Floyd and ever since, many have seen police officers in a very different light.

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Cast and crew involved with Brooklyn Nine-Nine revealed that prior to the progression of the BLM movement in 2020, scripts had been written for the first four episodes of season eight. Those scripts were scrapped and everyone on the show discussed where the show could go next. There were even hints that it may not be possible for Brooklyn Nine-Nine to exist in the current climate.

Fear not Nine-Nine fans, the show will continue. That much was confirmed via the above tweet from the show’s Twitter account. It features NBC’s slate for the rest of 2020 and includes a handful of shows that will return in 2021. “*Capt. Holt voice* We’re in a state of total euphoria,” the tweet reads. We most certainly share that euphoria, captain. Season eight will air on NBC in the US and also stream on Peacock.

As for what the show will look like in its eighth season, probably pretty different from how it looked during its first seven seasons. It has been made clear that the show will acknowledge what is going on in the world right now. It has actually addressed the problem in the past. A previous episode features Terry Crews being stopped and treated as if he were a threat by a white officer simply because he’s black.

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