Things are hotting up and not just because it’s Valentine’s Day.

Weathermen say warm air pushing north from Africa will send temperatures in some parts of the UK to 16C, double the average for the time of year.

That will make it the warmest day of 2019, though not as hot as the record for Valentine’s Day of 19.1C recorded in Somerset in 1988.

Met Office forecaster Becky Mitchell said high pressure would push the jetstream above the UK today, allowing mild winds to sweep up from the south.

She said: “Temperatures are on the rise through the rest of this week.”

And BBC weatherman Nick Miller told viewers: “Wherever you are across the the UK we are dragging up this warmer air from the south and that is what we are going to find ourselves in.”

“There will still be cloud in Scotland and Northern Ireland, but increasing sunny spells. Many of us will have blue skies as the afternoon goes on.”

John Hammond, chief meteorologist of Weather Trending said: “It would be a brave person to say that we’ve said goodbye to the wintry weather.

“As we saw with last year’s ‘Beast from the East’, severe cold and snow can happen in March.

"But this was an extreme and record-breaking event so a repeat this year is unlikely.

"Snowfalls often occur in March, and so it would be unusual for parts of the UK not to see any more of the white stuff this year.”

Thursday will be another fine day across much of the UK with long spells of sunshine.

Parts of the north west will become cloudy as we head into the weekend.

Much of next week should bring slightly cooler but settled weather.

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