A British family endured a nightmare 52-hour flight delay in the US – after a baggage cart crashed into a plane.

Amanda and Simon Richards spent four-and-a-half hours sat on the tarmac and a further two days at a hotel with baby son Oliver after Thomas Cook cancelled their flight home.

The plane should have left Orlando International Airport in Florida for Manchester Airport on Saturday afternoon.

Since arriving there on Saturday night, she said they have had to repeatedly chase the airline for information – as well as meal vouchers, Manchester Evening News reports.

Despite their flight on Monday not due to depart until 8.30pm, the couple and 16-month-old Oliver were only provided with breakfast.

On Sunday, they received breakfast and dinner but no lunch.

Amanda, 29, said: "We had to ask repeatedly for the vouchers, it was a complete joke.

"The customer service desk was unstaffed until 1pm.

"We understand things happen, but there's been no communication and it's been really stressful, especially with a young baby.

"We've not even been able to take him out of the airport because his pram came back to us with a wheel missing.

"We contacted Thomas Cook about it but they said we will have to contact someone when we get back to Manchester."

To add insult to injury, Amanda has been told they have to check out by 1pm local time – despite the fact their flight isn't until Tuesday evening.

The childminder, from Sandbach, Cheshire, added: "What are we meant to do for all those hours with a baby and no pram? I’ve asked them this question and received no answer.

"It's caused lots of inconvenience for everyone."

A representative from Thomas Cook has apologised for the long delay.

An airline spokeswoman said: "While baggage was being loaded, the aircraft was damaged.

"Our experts immediately assessed the aircraft in view to getting our customers on their way as quickly as possible, however further investigation was required.

"All customers disembarked and were provided with local hotel accommodation and refreshments.

"The safety of our customers and crew is always our first priority. The flight will bring customers back to Manchester tonight on a different aircraft at 8:30pm local time."

The airline said that over the delay period, five texts and emails were sent where they had customer details.

Orlando International Airport has been contacted for a comment.

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