A couple once named Britain’s fattest husband and wife have shed 28st to save their lives – but are desperate to lose more so they can have a baby.

Andrew and Sharon Hill weighed a combined 62st on their wedding day in 2012.

Declared super morbidly obese by doctors, both had ops to lose the weight.

Sharon, 37 – once Britain’s fattest woman at 48st – had part of her stomach removed in 2015 and lost 18 stone.

Last year 37st Andrew, 49, had the same op and lost 10st.

The pair, from Gloucestershire, hope to start a family – but must lose more weight to boost chances of conceiving.

Sharon said: “I’m the woman who can’t seem to get pregnant.

“People say losing weight is hard. I can confirm it is.

“Could I give up chocolate and cake if I had a small bundle of love for the rest of my life? Yes! But the disappointment every month and the years of never having a stripe on a test makes me comfort eat.

“Does that make me weak? Probably. But yes I would give anything to be a mother, to be called mum.”

Their relationship had been heavily strained before Andrew’s op – partly due to their non-existent sex life.

Sharon also blamed Andrew’s lack of support. She said: “I can’t seem to get rid of any more weight. It’s soul-destroying. Four years on my own and I haven’t had any support. It’s hard.”

But after Andrew’s huge weight loss, Sharon is more hopeful of becoming a mum, explaining: “His libido is getting better, which is a plus point for me.”

  • They appear on episode two of Shut-ins: Britain’s Fattest People, which starts on Channel 4, Wednesday, 10pm.

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