The man, who didn't want to be identified, was forced to pay £71 for 50 hours of drive-up parking at Bristol Airport as he didn't finalise his travel plans until the day of travel.

In comparison, his flight to Inverness only cost £50.

The traveller told Bristol Live: "It was £71 for walk up parking, for two days and two hours, when a flight to Inverness costs less than £50. This seems [like] shocking exploitation.

"The airport suggest book in advance but [I] couldn’t as I didn’t know if I would be driving, getting a cab or the bus. "

If booked online, Bristol Airport offers parking starting from £37.99 – even when travelling on the same day.

But when we checked, it's only possible to book a spot if you're arriving at the facilities three hours or more after the time of booking, so it would be impossible to reserve a slot if plans change at the last minute.

In a statement to Sun Online Travel, a spokesperson said: “The best car park prices are available when booked in advance and by being a member of our airport Rewards scheme.

"We regularly benchmark our prices against other U.K. airports and with around three quarters of our flights operated by low cost airlines, Bristol Airport can often offer cheaper flights.

"The cost of parking compared to the airline ticket will not be comparable with other airports where flights can be more expensive.

Last month, a furious mum claimed the "world's worst" parking firm drove her car 500 miles while she was on honeymoon in Jamaica  – and even landed her with a fine at an Asda car park.

If you’re dropping off or picking up a loved one up at the airport, then the chances are that you’ll have to pay for the privilege, as more than half of the UK’s major airports are now charging for spending ten minutes doing so.

But Sun Online Travel has revealed how to avoid these extortionate fees in this guide. 

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