A quick-thinking seven-year-old boy saved his diabetic dad’s life when he dialed 999 after finding him unconscious at home.

Hayden White sprung into action after father Dan had a fit and collapsed.

When his mother Becky got home from the shops, she was shocked to find her husband – who has type 1 diabetes – unconscious on the floor.

But Hayden already had things under control, as he was guided through checks by the 999 call handler.

The lad said: “When I called 999, they asked if Daddy was dead and I said no because he was making noises.

“They asked me if he was breathing and I said ‘yes, but he isn’t speaking to me’.

“I told them what was wrong with him and our address so they could come and help.”

His mother Becky, 26, said: “I came in and Hayden was on the phone. The call handler said Hayden had done all the hard work and paramedics would arrive shortly.

“He was so shocked Hayden was only seven, yet stayed calm. Hayden even managed to keep his brother calm – as he was crying about his jam sandwich.”

His father Dan, a 28-year-old­ ­engineer, from Gosport, Hants, said: “All I remember is waking up to paramedics pumping insulin into my system.

“I am so proud of Hayden for saving me and it is great he took on board what we told him to do.”

Emergency call taker Steve Glew said: “Hayden was very calm and very clear.

“He expertly checked his dad’s condition and carried out instructions perfectly.”

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