Meghan Markle is just weeks away from becoming a mum for the first time.

Baby Sussex, who will be seventh in line to the throne, is expected to arrive in April.

Like most parents-to-be, Meghan and Harry are probably making all the last minute arrangements and getting everything ready for their bundle of joy.

It’s uncertain where the couple have decided to have their baby, with many reports claiming they’re not following in the Duchess of Cambridge’s footsteps and going to the Lindo Wing in Paddington.

But there are a few slightly bizarre things the couple will have to do thanks to royal protocol and procedure.

We also expect the duchess will break quite a few big rules, just as her mother-in-law Princess Diana and Kate did. 

The Queen has to be the first to know

When any child is born in the royal family, the Queen must be the first to know before the official announcement.

It’s reported that Prince William rang his grandmother on an encrypted phone when Prince George was born.

This means that rather than calling their parents or best pals first, Prince Harry will have to get on the phone to his nan immediately.

Midwives are sworn to secrecy

The midwives who are present for the royal birth will all be sworn to secrecy.

Kate reportedly had a 20-strong medical team for her three births, including two obstetricians, three midwives, three anesthesiologists, four surgical staff members, two special care staffers, four pediatricians, one lab technician for blood tests, and three or four managers.

The entire team was on call for three months before Kate’s due date – which meant they had to stay off the booze.

Even though we don’t know if Meghan will be in the Lindo team, as she’s delivering a royal baby chances are she’ll have a big team around her.

The town crier announces the news to the public

This is currently Tony Appleton, who announced the birth of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis after the Kate gave birth.

He’ll be dressed in full uniform and ringing his bell.

It’s a medieval tradition which began because people couldn’t read or write.

How the announcement is made

It’s likely that the birth will be announced on Twitter , a tradition started with the birth of Prince George.

There will probably also be an easel outside Buckingham Palace detailing the time of birth and the weight. There will also be a brief update on how mum and baby are getting on.

But there are a few royal rules and traditions we imagine Meghan will chose to ignore for the birth.

Home births are the norm

It’s traditional for royal babies to be born at home.

The Queen followed the rules and had all her children at Buckingham Palace, but Kate Middleton decided against it.

Princess Diana also broke this rule with her sons Prince Harry and Prince William and gave birth in St. Mary’s Hospital’s Lindo Wing.

Fathers are not allowed in the room when the baby is born

This was another tradition that Diana and Charles broke.

Up until William’s birth, as was traditional with the time generally, giving birth was a female only event and fathers were not allowed in the delivery room.

But times have changed and we imagine Harry will be right by Meghan’s side supporting her and holding her hand as his first son or daughter is born.

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