A rubbish collector has been slammed by residents and council bosses for hurling a rubbish bag onto a residential street for no apparent reason.

The binman was caught on a homeowner’s CCTV as he grabbed a bag of rubbish out of the wheelie bin, but instead of chucking in onto the van he hurls it on to the floor.

Council bosses in Stockport say they "can’t see a reason why the bin bag was not collected".

And the incident is now being investigated by its contractor Totally Local Company, the authority says.

The CCTV footage shows two men emptying bins on the residential street at around 1.30pm on Wednesday, February 20, the Manchester Evening News reports.

One of the two men can be seen loading two bins onto the lorry ready to be emptied.

When the bins come off the truck he can be seen opening the bin lid and pulling out a white rubbish sack, which appears not to have dropped out into the lorry.

The worker can then be seen hurling the bag onto the pavement.

Beech Road resident Adam Parry said he was shocked when he viewed the footage.

The 34-year-old trade publication editor said: "My wife went out for lunch and came back to find it on the floor. So I went through the CCTV.

"I can’t believe somebody would be in a position where they thought that would be acceptable.

"The rubbish hadn’t come out when he tipped the bin. He could have just put the bag back in, but he took it out and left it on the street.

"There are a lot of kids who walk past our house. I think it is a bad representation of local services. It questions what you are paying your council tax for.

"That is a criminal offence to litter like that, you could get a fine. The local authority should know better."

Bin collections in the Gatley area at the responsibility of Stockport Council.

Councillor Sheila Bailey, Stockport Council’s cabinet member for Communities and Housing, said: “We are aware of the footage and incident which took place on the bin collection round in Gatley last week, and at present, can’t see a reason why the bin bag was not collected.

“This matter is currently being formally investigated and appropriate action will be taken if required as this does not appear to meet the standards that the council expects.”

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