She may be the head of a multi-million dollar company, but Bethenny Frankel from The Real Housewives of New York City knows who is boss when it comes to sleeping arrangements with her dogs.

Frankel generously shares a lot of her off-camera life on her Instagram story. In recent weeks, she opened up to fans about how her dogs Biggie and Smallz have actually become influencers. She’s had a lot of fun with the concept, filming the dogs getting pampered and commenting on their newfound celebrity status.

She’s a serious dog lover so her latest Instagram story is nothing short of hilarious and very relatable to just about any dog lover.

The pups are rescues

When RHONY debuted, audiences met the fresh-faced natural foods chef and her dog Cookie. Throughout the series, Cookie was obviously her first love and she doted on the pup.

She added to her pack in 2016. “There r some new furry babies joining the family!” she announced in a video on Instagram. Frankel adopted the Lhasa Apso twosome from the North Shore Animal League and they fit in right away.

Sadly, a year later Cookie died at age 17, People reports. “My furry first baby, may your next life be as beautiful as this one was,” Frankel wrote in an Instagram post. “Thank you for the love you gave to me and my peanut. See you on the other side.”

Biggie and Smallz take Manhattan

Frankel’s sweet pups just earned a verified Instagram account and are getting invited to make public appearances. When their account was awarded the coveted designation, Frankel wrote on Twitter, “Ummmm I’m planning my retirement!!! @biggysmallz are verified on Instagram!!!! #pupperazzi Follow them!!!!” 

In one of her Instagram stories, Frankel has her glam squad give the dogs the royal treatment. “A little glam for the boys,” she says. Frankel also notes how Dennis Shields, her boyfriend who passed away last year loved the dogs so much.  “Dennis loved these dogs so much,” she says. “He named them and he would have been so happy. Because he thought they were so special.”

The duo just made an appearance with Frankel and she posted about it on Instagram. “Have you heard that these guys are big influencers now? #FollowFriday @biggysmallz to see what the pups have been up to lately!”

They also run things at home

Many dog owners will basically say they work for their dogs. Frankel seems to be no different as she posted a hilarious video of what occurs at bedtime with the dogs.

She’s like the rest of us–trying to worm her way into her own bed, like a jigsaw puzzle piece that doesn’t quite fit. The camera pans over the sleeping dogs and Frankel asks, “Can I get some room in this bed?” No response.

So Frankel does what most dog lovers do. She tries to squeeze her way into the bed without disturbing “the bosses.” She comments about how they came from one litter and are so cute. “But look at this I have no room,” she says. “Look at this. This is my life.” She adds as she tries to figure out where she’s going to sleep. She clings to the side of the bed saying, “I’m going to just take this little spot. I make all the money around here, but o.k. I’ll just take my little scraps.”

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