Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are officially divorced — but their family bond is still strong. Now, a source close to the former couple reveals how they manage to get along so well in spite of their split.

Ben Affleck, 46, and Jennifer Garner, 47, have been spending a lot of time together recently and it has everything to do with their kids. A source close to the powerful pair tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that after a “long road”, they have finally hit their sweet spot when it comes to co-parenting Violet, 13, Seraphina, 10, and Samuel, 7.  “Ben and Jen have found a way to put the kids needs in front of their own and things have really begun to work great for them, everyone in the family is really happy,” says our source.

So what exactly changed? According to our insider, they have both put in the work on themselves and they’re now reaping the rewards. “Ben and Jen have done a ton of work to get to a healthy place. Ben has worked hard to become a better father and Jen has worked on things from her side too. It has been a long road, but they are all getting along really well, they have found a way to make it all work. They’re realizing that they don’t have to be married to be wonderful parents to their kids. The more the kids get to see their dad the happier, more well-behaved and better they seem to be. The kids love it even more when both Jen and Ben spend time together with them so that is what they try do as often as possible, share family time together.” The former couple recently celebrated Easter with their adorable brood. And back in Feb., they all attended a wedding together as a family.

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