After all the romance drama on Below Deck, one Twitter rumor about Captain Lee Rosbach having a girlfriend had some fans laughing, while others were deeply concerned.

A Twitter user posted a picture of Rosbach on Watch What Happens Live with co-guest, publicist and humorist Jaime Primak. The Twitter user simply tagged Primak and wrote, “Word on the street…”

Primak picked up on the tweet and re-tweeted it. “@JaimePrimak from #jerseybelle and @capthlr from #BelowDeck are reportedly dating.” Some fans were less than pleased. “@capthlr only has eyes for his bride… he loves his wife!” one person wrote. Another asked, “Did i miss sonething? You’re still married, right Jamie?”

Remember the married charter guest?

The season ended with controversy when bosun Ross Inia was photographed a number of times with a married charter guest. Inia teased fans after deckhand Rhylee Gerber called them out as being a couple on Twitter.

In fact, Inia refused to definitively answer if he was dating the guest during the reunion. He also acted like he didn’t realize she was married too. But after significant speculation, Inia insisted they were just friends.

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The happy couple…..can’t we just be friends? #belowdeck #bravotv

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“Okay! To stop speculation….Krystal has been a great friend to me and shows so much respect towards my family as I do of her’s,” he wrote on Instagram. “We are not having an ‘affair.’ I have had the opportunity to spend time with her and her husband. We poked fun at all the assumptions. Remember everyone is going through something in their personal life and it’s no ones business to get involved or judge.”

So she got a new ‘rumor’ going

Primak is known for her quick wit, so when she spotted the funny Twitter rumor she couldn’t resist. Certainly, the show needs a new “married dating rumor” now that Inia squashed his own.

Being a Bravo fan and a regular on Watch What Happens Live, the Jersey Belle star has been friends with Rosbach for some time. After a fan seemed upset about the tweet rumor, Rosbach tweeted, “It’s hilarious, Jaime and I have been friends for years, love her.”

Captain Lee’s wife Mary Anne had a good laugh

The Rosbach family has learned how to manage rumors and social media lashings pretty well by now. Most recently Rosbach was called out in a Hollywood Reporter column for referring to male deckhands as “girls.” The writer, NBA-star Kareem Abdul-Jabaar suggested Rosbach used the term in a degrogatory manner, which created quite a stir amongst Rosbach’s fans.

Although Rosbach responded to the article, his wife Mary Anne’s remarks on Rosbach’s Twitter were even more impactful. “This is Capt. Lee’s wife, Mary Anne. When I met Lee I was a 26 year old divorced mother of two young children. I was very insecure and my confidence level was at 0. The most important thing Lee has taught me in 44 years is to be a very confident and independent woman.”

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My bride helping me out at the show in Tulsa. Great show, with tons of great people here. Loving it.

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So when it came to the hilarious “rumor,” a fan wanted to know specifically how Mary Anne reacted. “Your wife will get miles out of that BS.. She’s probably laughing about this one as we speak,” the fan wrote. To which Rosbach responded, “She did, she was lol a lot. Yeah, lots of mileage.”

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