1. What movie made the most dough in the U.S. this year without featuring superheroes?

  • A. “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”
  • B. “Mission: Impossible – Fallout”
  • C. “Solo: A Star Wars Story”

2. Which Drake song inspired the year’s biggest viral dance challenge?

  • A. “God’s Plan”
  • B. “Nice for What”
  • C. “In My Feelings”

3. What did stars don on the Golden Globes red carpet in honor of Time’s Up?

  • A. White ribbons
  • B. All black
  • C. Red roses

4. What TV show was cancelled by one broadcast network and picked up by another in the span of 31 hours?

  • A. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”
  • B. “Last Man Standing”
  • C. “Lucifer”

5. The Tony Awards’ Best Musical, “The Band’s Visit,” is about a band visiting where?

  • A. Egypt
  • B. Saudi Arabia
  • C. Israel

6. Which artist paid tribute to Prince during the Super Bowl halftime show?

  • A. Janet Jackson
  • B. Justin Timberlake
  • C. Aerosmith

7. Glenn Weiss, who proposed to his girlfriend during the Emmys, had just won an award for directing what?

  • A. “The Crown”
  • B. “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”
  • C. The Oscars

8. What was so terrifying about the monsters in the hit horror flick “A Quiet Place”?

  • A. They find people who make any noise
  • B. They are totally silent
  • C. They target libraries

9. Which artist swept the Grammys with wins in the song, record and album of the year categories?

  • A. Jay-Z
  • B. Bruno Mars
  • C. Ed Sheeran

10. Which Hollywood Chris went full frontal, stripping down for Netflix movie “The Outlaw King”?

  • A. Chris Pine
  • B. Chris Pratt
  • C. Chris Hemsworth

11. What appliance caused a major tragedy on “This is Us”?

  • A. A microwave
  • B. A blender
  • C. A slow cooker

12. Which character wasn’t in “Avengers: Infinity War”?

  • A. Hawkeye
  • B. Star-Lord
  • C. Spider-Man

13. What is the name of the fictional pop star Lady Gaga played in “A Star is Born”?

  • A. Stefani
  • B. Ally
  • C. Joanne

14. In the most-liked Instagram post of all time, Kylie Jenner revealed what?

  • A. Her new butt
  • B. Her new lips
  • C. Her new baby

15. One of the main characters in the 2018 National Book Award winner “The Friend,” by Sigrid Nunez, is:

  • A. A llama
  • B. A snake
  • C. A Great Dane

16. Where did the disgraced Louis C.K. make his controversial, unannounced return to comedy in NY?

  • A. Carolines on Broadway
  • B. The Comedy Cellar
  • C. Gotham Comedy Club

17. Which “Incredibles 2” character memorably fought a raccoon?

  • A. Elastigirl
  • B. Jack-Jack
  • C. Edna Mode

18. What did “The Bachelor” Arie Luyendyk Jr. do toupset the show’s fans?

  • A. Refused to propose to any of the contestants
  • B. Proposed to one contestant, then broke it off for another
  • C. Spoiled the season’s ending on social media

19. What is the name of the K-Pop group that sold out its first ever U.S. stadium show at Citi Field?

  • A. EXO
  • B. GOT7
  • C. BTS

20. Which of these celebs wasn’t one of the many who appeared in Maroon 5’s “Girls Like You” billion-view video?

  • A. Ellen DeGeneres
  • B. Camila Cabello
  • C. Reese Witherspoon

Entertainment answers: 1. A; 2. C; 3. B; 4. A; 5. C; 6. B; 7. C; 8. A; 9. B; 10. A; 11. C; 12. A; 13. B; 14. C; 15. C; 16. B; 17. B; 18. B; 19. C; 20. C

1. Aretha Franklin’s body was transported in the same hearse that carried who?

  • A. Rosa Parks
  • B. Whitney Houston
  • C. Ray Charles

2. Which fashion house designed Meghan Markle’s wedding dress?

  • A. Givenchy
  • B. Valentino
  • C. Oscar de la Renta

3. Whom did Justin Bieber marry?

  • A. Selena Gomez
  • B. Hailey Baldwin
  • C. Ireland Baldwin

4. What did ill-fated couple Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson name their pet pig?

  • A. Bacony Rogers
  • B. Piggy Smallz
  • C. Jon Hamm

5. What is the real name of Ted Cruz’s former opponent Beto O’Rourke?

  • A. Betford
  • B. Robert
  • C. Alberto

6. The feud between dueling rap queens came to a literal head at a New York Fashion Week party when Cardi B threw what at Nicki Minaj?

  • A. A purse
  • B. A martini glass
  • C. A shoe

7. What did troubled SpaceX CEO Elon Musk shoot into space?

  • A. A red Tesla roadster
  • B. A Hyperloop train car
  • C. A child-size submarine

8. The tour for Michelle Obama’s best-selling book, “Becoming,” did not feature which celebrity moderator:

  • A. Sarah Jessica Parker
  • B. Tracee Ellis Ross
  • C. Martha Stewart

9. Why did the Mets give Matt Harvey the boot?

  • A. He was out partying with model Adriana Lima the night before a bullpen appearance
  • B. He needed Tommy John surgery
  • C. He refused a minor league assignment

10. Whom did People magazine name the year’s “Sexiest Man Alive”?

  • A. Blake Shelton
  • B. Donald Glover
  • C. Idris Elba

11. How many days separated the suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain?

  • A. 1
  • B. 2
  • C. 3

12. When Harvey Weinstein surrendered to the NYPD on sexual-assault charges, he carried a biography about who?

  • A. Elia Kazan
  • B. Gandhi
  • C. John F. Kennedy Jr.

13. Donald Trump Jr.’s alleged mistress Aubrey O’Day is a member of what formerly successful girl group?

  • A. Danity Kane
  • B. The Pussycat Dolls
  • C. Dream

14. Who became the first openly gay American to medal at the winter Olympics?

  • A. Adam Rippon
  • B. Gus Kenworthy
  • C. Eric Radford

15. Kim Kardashian convinced President Trump to commute the life sentence of Alice Marie Johnson, who was locked up for:

  • A. Drug and money-laundering charges
  • B. A murder she didn’t commit
  • C. Leaking government secrets

16. Whom did President Donald Trump pardon?

  • A. Martha Stewart
  • B. Dinesh D’Souza
  • C. Rod Blagojevich

17. What is the nickname of the chef behind Midtown steakhouse Nusr-Et?

  • A. Hot Stuff
  • B. Posh Spice
  • C. Salt Bae

18. Actor Geoffrey Owens, who played Elvin on “The Cowby Show,” was job-shamed for working where?

  • A. Target
  • B. Trader Joe’s
  • C. Walmart

19. What position is William and Kate’s new baby Prince Louis in line for the throne?

  • A. Third
  • B. Fourth
  • C. Fifth

20. How old was Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez when she upset 10-term incumbent Joe Crowley in the Democratic primary for New York’s 14th Congressional District?

  • A. 25
  • B. 28
  • C. 31

People answers: 1. A; 2. A; 3. B; 4. B; 5. B; 6. C; 7. A; 8. C; 9. C; 10. C; 11. C; 12. A; 13. A; 14. A; 15. A; 16. B; 17. C; 18. B; 19. C; 20. B

In a January tweet, President Trump called himself “a very stable _____”:

  • A. Genius
  • B. Commander
  • C. Zillionaire

2. “Megyn Kelly Today” was canceled following the host’s comments about blackface, including asking:

  • A. “What is blackface?”
  • B. “What is racist?”
  • C. “Who is black Santa?”

3. During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, what did Brett Kavanaugh say he “liked” and still likes?

  • A. Wine
  • B. Tequila
  • C. Beer

4. What is the rallying catchphrase from “Black Panther,” the highest-grossing movie in the US this year?

  • A. “Wakanda forever!”
  • B. “Rise and resist!”
  • C. “Panther power!”

5. When Gov. Cuomo said, “Can you stop interrupting?” to election opponent Cynthia Nixon during a debate, how did she respond?

  • A. “Can you stop lying?”
  • B. “Can you calm down?”
  • C. “Are you a Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte or Miranda?”

6. Roseanne Barr blamed what drug for the racist tweet that got her hit sitcom revival canceled?

  • A. Ambien
  • B. Xanax
  • C. Klonopin

7. During the final women’s tennis match of the US Open, what did Serena Williams call the umpire who gave her a point penalty?

  • A. “A thief”
  • B. “A fraud”
  • C. “An embarrassment”

8. In her tell-all, Stormy Daniels compared President Trump’s member to “the mushroom character in” what?

  • A. VeggieTales
  • B. Mario Kart
  • C. “Alice in Wonderland”

9. When Bill de Blasio was confronted by a homeless activist at the Park Slope Y, how did the mayor respond?

  • A. “I’m in the middle of doing my workout. Sorry, I can’t do this now.”
  • B. “I am once again running late to a press conference, can’t talk.”
  • C. “Take a number, sweetheart.”

10. Who said, “I could say that I’m the most bullied person on the world”?

  • A. Lindsay Lohan
  • B. Melania Trump
  • C. Gwyneth Paltrow

11. Rudy Giuliani raised eyebrows when he declared, “Truth isn’t ____”:

  • A. Fact
  • B. Relevance
  • C. Truth

12. What did Oprah Winfrey say she wouldn’t do, explaining, “It would kill me”?

  • A. Revive her talk show
  • B. Run for president in 2020
  • C. Host the Oscars

13. At the White House correspondents’ dinner, what did Michelle Wolf say Sarah Huckabee Sanders does after “she burns facts”?

  • A. “Uses that ash to create a perfect smoky eye”
  • B. “Burns all her hideous dresses”
  • C. “Pours Trump brand wine over the fire”

14. While visiting TMZ headquarters, what did Kanye West call “a choice”?

  • A. Gender
  • B. Slavery
  • C. Rape

15. After Bill Cosby was found guilty on three counts of indecent aggravated assault, what did he yell at the prosecutor who deemed him a flight risk?

  • A. “He doesn’t have a plane, you a–hole!”
  • B. “Hey, hey, hey!”
  • C. “And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids!”

16. Which of these was not one of the two words people heard in the viral audio debate?

  • A. “Laurel”
  • B. “Beyoncé”
  • C. “Yanny”

17. Who began an Oscar acceptance speech by joking, “I did it all by myself”?

  • A. Frances McDormand
  • B. Sam Rockwell
  • C. Allison Janney

18. Which of these was not a name Paul McCartney said was yelled out while he and John Lennon masturbated in a group together?

  • A. Brigitte Bardot
  • B. Catherine Deneuve
  • C. Winston Churchill

19. One month before Demi Lovato was hospitalized for an overdose, she released a ballad with the lyric, “I’m so sorry, I’m not ___ anymore”:

  • A. Happy
  • B. Making music
  • C. Sober

20. Who defended the separation of immigrant families by invoking the Apostle Paul’s “command in Romans 13, to obey the laws of the government because God has ordained them for the purpose of order.”

  • A. Mike Pence
  • B. Mitch McConnell
  • C. Jeff Sessions

Quotes answers: 1. A; 2. B; 3. C; 4. A; 5. A; 6. A; 7. A; 8. B; 9. A; 10. B; 11. C; 12. B; 13. A; 14. B; 15. A; 16. B; 17. C; 18. B; 19. C; 20. C

1. Norway took home the most medals during the 2018 Winter Olympics. How many?

  • A. 31
  • B. 39
  • C. 42

2. During the World Cup, this country’s uniform sold out and became a streetwear hit?

  • A. United States
  • B. Portugal
  • C. Nigeria

3. Mets ace Jacob de Grom won this year’s National League Cy Young Award despite having the fewest wins of any starting Cy Young pitcher in history. How many did he have?

  • A. 11
  • B. 7
  • C. 10

4. When Redskins quarterback Alex Smith broke his leg during a game, there were many eerie coincidences to which former Skins’ quarterback’s career-ending injury?

  • A. Kirk Cousins
  • B. Joe Theismann
  • C. Robert Griffin III

5. Although France won the 2018 World Cup, which prolific scorer took home the Golden Boot?

  • A. Croatia’s Luka Modric
  • B. Argentina’s Lionel Messi
  • C. England’s Harry Kane

6. At an April game, what landed on Seattle Mariners pitcher James Paxton during the National Anthem?

  • A. A bald eagle
  • B. a bag of peanuts
  • C. Robinson Cano’s batting glove

7. A video of which broadcaster dribbling a basketball behind her back went viral as she was inducted into the basketball hall of fame?

  • A. Doris Burke
  • B. Michelle Beadle
  • C. Lisa Salter

8. During this year’s NCAA men’s basketball tournament, which team beat Virginia, making it the first time that a No. 16 seed defeated a No. 1 seed?

  • A. Kansas State
  • B. Villanova
  • C. University of Maryland — Baltimore County

9. The Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup Championship and Alexander Ovechkin was named tournament MVP. What did he lose in the process?

  • A. His Stanley Cup winning game- worn jersey
  • B. Every face-off
  • C. His front tooth

10. Who was the NFL’s first rookie to ever have 200-plus rushes and more than 80 catches?

  • A. Nick Chubbs of the Browns
  • B. Saquon Barkley of the Giants
  • C. Sony Michel of the Patriots

11. After the Philadelphia Eagles won their first Super Bowl, the city did this to light poles so fans couldn’t climb them during celebrations:

  • A. Greased them with Crisco
  • B. Sprayed them with hydraulic fluid
  • C. Rubbed them with Philly cheesesteak grease

12. The Philadelphia Flyers introduced a mascot named Gritty, who broke the Internet when he reenacted what infamous magazine cover?

  • A. The hands over Janet Jackson’s bare breasts for Rolling Stone
  • B. Muhammed Ali being shot with arrows for Esquire
  • C. Kim Kardashian’s Paper Magazine cover with the gravity-defying champagne pour

13. Which young athlete did not find himself in hot water after tweets from his teen years surfaced?

  • A. Josh Allen
  • B. Donte Divcenzo
  • C. Deyandre Ayton

14. When Jets rookie quarterback Sam Darnold took his first snap as an NFL quarterback, he did this:

  • A. Threw a 30-yard touchdown pass
  • B. Fumbled
  • C. Threw a pick six

15. Which California teen snowboarder captured America’s heart during the Pyeongchang Olympics, where she won the gold medal in halfpipe?

  • A. Chloe Kim
  • B. Lindsey Vonn
  • C. Micahela Shriffin

16. Former UFC star Ronda Rousey made her debut as what in April?

  • A. Carl’s Jr. spokesmodel
  • B. WWE wrestler
  • C. NASCAR driver

17. In June, thoroughbred Justify captured the Triple Crown — three years after what horse won the coveted mantel and broke a 37-year drought?

  • A. Seattle Slew
  • B. American Pharoah
  • C. Firing Line

18. Which NBA superstar revealed he considered signing with the Knicks?

  • A. Steph Curry
  • B. James Harden
  • C. Lebron James

19. When Tiger Woods won the Player’s Championship in September, it was his first tour win in five years. How many tournament wins does Woods now have?

  • A. 75
  • B. 83
  • C. 80

20. During the last season, Yankees slugger Giancarlo Stanton made headlines for sharing an apartment with which player from the Mets?

  • A. Mike Conforto
  • B. Wilmer Flores
  • C. AJ Ramos

Sports answers: 1. B; 2. C; 3. C; 4. B; 5. C; 6. A; 7. A; 8. C; 9. C; 10. B; 11. B; 12. C; 13. C; 14. C; 15. A; 16. B; 17. B; 18. C; 19. C; 20. C

1. Who didn’t leave, or announce that they’re leaving, the Trump administration this year?

  • A. Hope Hicks, White House Director of Communications
  • B. Rob Porter, White House Staff Secretary
  • C. Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to the President

2. A boys’ soccer team was rescued after being trapped in a flooded Thailand cave for 18 days. What was the name of their team?

  • A. The Crows
  • B. The Wild Boars
  • C. The Cheetahs

3. What retail brand made the $39 jacket emblazoned with “I really don’t care, do u?” that Melania Trump wore as she traveled to meet detained immigrant kids in Texas?

  • A. H&M
  • B. Zara
  • C. Gap

4. What were snooty dog owners were of having hijacked for a private kennel club in Tribeca?

  • A. A public park
  • B. The alley behind Taylor Swift’s apartment
  • C. The old Nobu location

5. Where did Hurricane Florence cause the most damage in the US?

  • A. Florida and Georgia
  • B. North and South Carolinas
  • C. Virginia and Maryland

6. What Gov. Cuomo decision nearly cost New Yorkers $14 million?

  • A. Adding blue and gold tiles to two city tunnels
  • B. Building a helipad for Jeff Bezos
  • C. Installing hundreds of “I ❤ NY” highway signs

7. Actress Allison Mack was arrested on charges of sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy, and forced labor conspiracy in relation to her role in the Nxivm cult. On what TV show was she a cast member?

  • A. “Smallville”
  • B. “Charmed”
  • C. “One Tree Hil

8. A New Jersey couple was accused of bilking a homeless man via what web site:

  • A. PayPal
  • B. Twitter
  • C. GoFundMe

9. Where did Trump and Kim Jong-un have the first-ever meeting between sitting leaders of the US and North Korea?

  • A. Washington, DC
  • B. Pyongyang, North Korea
  • C. Sentosa, Singapore

10. What iconic NY diner closed after a 28-year run?

  • A. Westway Diner
  • B. The Coffee Shop
  • C. Kellogg’s Diner

11. In the infamous photo of a Honduran mother running with her two 5-year-old daughters from tear gas at the Mexico-US border, what was on her shirt?

  • A. An American flag
  • B. Anna and Elsa from “Frozen”
  • C. A crucifix

12. Why was California’s Camp Fire called that?

  • A. It was started by a group of backpacking campers
  • B. It began at an abandoned summer- camp facility
  • C. It began on Camp Creek Road

13. What cleaning supply did teens turn into a viral snack?

  • A. Dawn dish soap
  • B. Tide Pods
  • C. Brawny paper towels

14. The world’s last male of what subspecies died this year?

  • A. Northern white rhino
  • B. Bornean orangutan
  • C. Amur leopard

15. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified in front of Congress after it was revealed that which political consulting firm had harvested data from up to 87 million accounts?

  • A. Oxford Analytica
  • B. Cambridge Analytica
  • C. Imperial Analytica

16. What was the controversial theme of this year’s Met Gala?

  • A. Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination
  • B. Majesty and Poverty: The Economic Gap
  • C. Hacking the Hackers: A Tribute to Russia

17. What did Meghan McCain use her speech at her father John’s funeral to do?

  • A. Trounce Sarah Palin
  • B. Promote “The View”
  • C. Rebuke Trump

18. In what month did the first super blue blood moon in 35 years occur?

  • A. January
  • B. February
  • C. March

19. What country abolished term limits on its presidency?

  • A. China
  • B. Russia
  • C. Iraq

20. What New York landmark did a woman climb to protest Trump’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy?

  • A. The Empire State Building
  • B. The Statue of Liberty
  • C. St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Current events answers: 1. C; 2. B; 3. B; 4. A; 5. B; 6. C; 7. A; 8. C; 9. C; 10. B; 11. B; 12. C; 13. B; 14. A; 15. B; 16. A; 17. C; 18. A; 19. A; 20. B

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