It has been reported for a while now that popular anime series Attack on Titan was at risk of being removed from the Netflix library.

According to What’s On Netflix – a fan site dedicated to all Netflix related news – the chance of the series being removed had been reported so many times most subscribers didn’t believe it was actually going to happen. Unfortunately, the report has now become reality as Attack on Titan is no longer available in the Netflix streaming library.

The question anime fans with Netflix subscription have is simple – why was the series removed and will it be returning any time soon? Keep reading for the answers.

For those who are unfamiliar with this particular anime series Attack on Titan is based on a manga series called Shingeki No Kyojin that is coined as one of the most popular series in the last 10 years.

The series tells the story of a world where human race is wiped out by huge monster creatures called Titans minus a very small portion of the population that survives by hiding behind a wall.

While the manga is still being produced, it is expected to conclude in the next few years. The anime series is expected to end after approximately six seasons.

According to What’s On Netflix, it is currently up in the air regarding whether the series will return to the streaming giant as there is evidence to support both that it will and won’t return.

Here’s Why Netflix Might Pick The Series Back Up

Netflix is credited as playing a key role in why Attack on Titan soared as such a popular anime series. This is because many fans of the series didn’t know it existed until they watched the first season on Netflix. To date, Attack on Titan holds the title as one of the most popular anime series for Netflix subscribers to view.

While it would make sense for Netflix to pick up Attack on Titan as it never streamed more than the first season, it is a decision that is ultimately going to come down to streaming rights and money.

Here’s Why Netflix Might Not Pick The Series Back Up

FUNimation currently has a contract with Hulu that gives the competing streaming giant exclusive access to FUNimation content.

Netflix would likely have to pay a pretty penny to gain streaming rights to the popular series. It ultimately boils down to a combination of whether Hulu is willing to give up exclusive access to the series and if Netflix is willing to pay to gain access to the streaming rights for Attack on Titan.

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