On Friday, Feb. 8, Ariana Grande dropped her highly-anticipated album Thank U, Next and fans seemingly couldn’t be more pleased with the finished project. As listeners continue to dissect the lyrics from the new release, tweets about Grande’s "Ghostin" reveal just how emotional the song is making her fans.

Grande’s lyrics from "Ghostin" — "Though I wish he were here instead / No one that living in your head / He just comes to visit me / When I’m dreaming every now and then (And then)" — have many fans in their feelings as they try to process the song’s meaning. And although many Arianators have speculated that the song could possibly be about impact that her ex Mac Miller’s death had on her relationship with Pete Davidson, Grande has yet to reveal if the tune is about anyone in particular. Despite her elusiveness, Grande did offer some clarity about the song’s context on Twitter ahead of its release. Responding to a fan’s Jan. 23 tweet which asked, "what’s ghostin about," Grande revealed:

While fans have been discussing the origins of many tracks from Grande’s new project, "Ghostin" seems to have garnered a great deal of attention on Twitter from fans who were full of emotion after listening to the song. And their reactions prove to be pretty somber.

1. Time For A Total Meltdown

One fan, @ishamjibran, used an extremely emotional clip to describe their mood and called the song "powerful" after listening to the track.

2. Extremely Personal

Another listener, @needyart, pointed out how "personal" the song is and seems to be grateful that Grande was able to open up to her fans in such a remarkable way.

3. The Feels Are Real

Twitter-user @avocadoboyy seemed to have future plans for the emotions they felt after listening to Grande’s touching lyrics.

4. Cue The Ugly Cry

@kaelmariehh was completely overcome with heartache after hearing Grande’s "Ghostin."

5. We Felt That

Referring to the song as "deep" and "relatable," Arianator @katlynmpace felt extremely connected after listening.

6. Sad Story

@sevengrandrings reflected on the lyrics and concluded that it’s really the story behind Grande’s "Ghostin" makes them totally sad.

7. Another Anthem

Another social media fan, @absolutegazelle revealed that they plan to use the tune as their go-to when going through tough times.

8. Uncontrollable Emotions

Meanwhile, @livc_x used a meme to share the emotional toll that the song has taken on their day.

It goes without saying that the past year has been extremely difficult for Grande. The former Nickelodeon star broke up with longtime boyfriend Miller in May 2018, and subsequently got engaged to Davidson just weeks after. Grande’s relationship with the SNL star later dissolved a little over a month following Miller’s untimely death from an apparent drug overdose in September that same year.

There’s so much to unpack from Thank U, Next, which appears to be a major source of healing for Grande. And although she hasn’t revealed who "Ghostin" may be about, the raw emotion behind the song has certainly proven to reach many of Grande’s fans far and wide.

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