‘When you come from a less violent background do you have the killer instinct to succeed in the ring?’

Heavyweight camp Anthony Joshua has revealed he doesn’t believe his son will pick up the gloves and earn his living in the ring because he’ll lack the ‘killer instinct’ that comes from a tough upbringing.

Speaking to GQ magazine, Joshua explained that all successful boxers are driven by a killer instinct which is usually nurtured by the environment and surroundings they are born into and grow up in. Joshua explained. “We (boxers) all have that killer instinct, but we dampen it down in life. That’s what we train for – that killer instinct. It’s what I do for a living.”

Obviously Joshua is in the position to provide his son JJ with the best of everything, a world apart from the 29-year-old’s tough upbringing. Joshua grew up on the Meriden Estate in Garston, Hertfordshire. He confesses he was an angry teenager who often got into scrapes with the law.

Before he became a pugilist and made both his name and fortune from Queensbury rules, Joshua admits he already had the killer instinct in his blood but the discipline of boxing helped him channel, control, and ultimately exploit it. Joshua said, “I had that instinct before I ever boxed, but now I know how to handle it, control it and when to use it.”

“And that’s why I think maybe JJ won’t be able to box, because when you come from a less violent background, do you have that instinct? JJ has the bloodline, but will he be the strongest in the pack? That’s what people will wonder and I would wonder that too and probably wouldn’t want him to do it.”

For Joshua however, he knew boxing was in the blood as soon as he walked into a gym for the first time and thought, “I really wanted to give myself to the sport.”

Turning his attention to what he believes makes for a successful boxer, apart from having the killer instinct, Joshua explained that the holy trinity for him is discipline, dedication, and working hard. He also recommends giving up the cigarettes and late nights. He said, “Boxing is the sport that rewards hard work, the sport that if you apply yourself, dedicate yourself, train hard, you can become one of the best in the world.”

“I stopped smoking, I stopped late nights. I cut out everything that didn’t help boxing.”

And as far as being a boxer and a ladies man is concerned Joshua has these words of advice for any fighting Casanovas. “Does taking out lots of women help boxing? No? Then cut it out.”

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