Crocy horror! Amazon is selling cat beds styled to look just like the divisive rubber shoes (and they will set you back as much as $250)

  • Amazon seller Sasquatch is selling pet beds made in the same style as Crocs 
  • The beds cost $50.00 (£54.99) in pink and a whopping $249.45 (£195.39) 
  • The bed has sold out in pink and received five star reviews from customers 

They’re the most divisive shoe of the 21st century, but one business is making a new use for Crocs.

Amazon seller Sasquatch is selling pet beds made in the same style as Crocs.

The beds, which cost $50.00 (£54.99 – including import fees) in pink and a whopping $249.45 (£195.39) in beige, have the same shape as the rubber clogs, and come with a fleeced lining to keep your beloved critters warm. 

Despite their quirky appearance, the shoes have proved to be popular and are out of stock in pink. 

Amazon seller Sasquatch is selling pet beds shaped like Crocs, which are only suitable for small cats and dogs. The pink version (pictured) has sold out on the website and costs £50 (£54.99)

The fleece lining is removable so it can be used in a bed itself, leaving owners with a giant Croc style shoe.

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The beds are made in one size – 65cm x 26cm x 33cm – which makes them suitable for small cats and dogs.

The seller is based in the US but ships the UK – for £39.48 with a £15.51 postage fee.

The product has five star reviews from shoppers, with one praising its ‘comfort’ and ‘snugness’.

The beige version of the bed (pictured) is even more pricey and is on sale for a whopping $249.45 (£195.39)

The bed also comes with a removable lining (poctured), which means your pet can sleep in it with or without the fleece

One wrote: ‘What a super little bed this is, I think it’s such a clever idea, you can clean it whenever you need to, cover and the bed itself and it keeps your pet nice and snug and looks really nice too. Fab!!!’

Another said: ‘I love it and so does my Chihuahua. When it is warm she sits in the open part and when it is cold she snuggles up under the hood.’

A third wrote: ‘This is fantastic for our 7yr. old tortoise he just loves it, he goes in and out of it himself and loves the soft material.’

Argos have unveiled this £33 half-tree which hopes to stop cats destroying the decorations on the bottom branches

Amazon isn’t the only place animal lovers can find themselves a quirky present for their pets this Christmas.

Argos is selling fake ‘parasol’ trees which are 6ft tall, but only the tophalf can be decorated, meaning small children and jumping cats can’t reach up and swipe at your well-placed baubles.

The retailer also says the tree is perfect for when Santa has been ‘extra generous’ as there is more room for presents underneath. 

The fake tree comes in a standard green colour for £33.33, or a snow-covered version for £37.50. 

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