SPOILERS for Game of Thrones

How many times have you watched The Long Night so far? I watched it for the second time yesterday, and yes, it was too f–king dark. But I did pick up some things that I missed, like WHY Jorah rescued Daenerys and how he knew she was in trouble – he was inside Winterfell and he heard the dragons screaming. But yeah, the episode was a mixed bag – I feel like it wasn’t as well-thought out or as well-executed as Hardhome and the Battle of the Bastards. It was Arya who saved the episode. Arya and Melisandre, honestly.

So, what’s next? The war with Cersei, of course. As I said yesterday, the preview for the fourth episode was just such a tonal shift from The Long Night. The idea that the final three episodes will be about “dealing with Cersei” and her dumb ass just seems like a let-down from ice zombies, ice dragons and the cowardly Night King. The Long Night was the big fight – everything else with Cersei and Kings Landing just seems so small and parochial.

Ideally, Daenerys would quickly learn about Arya’s heroics and Dany would adjust her plans accordingly. Why think of this as a battle between two armies when surely Dany could simply ask Arya if she’d like a free dragon ride to Kings Landing so she can kill Cersei? Arya would totally take her up on that. That’s my hope for the next episode – some good Dany-Arya scenes where they’re plotting together and understanding that they have several goals in common. People are making a lot of Melisandre’s brown eyes/blue eyes/green eyes prophecy and wondering if Cersei has green eyes. Like, Arya has killed hundreds of people at this point. I’m sure a few of them had green eyes.

Of course there’s the issue of Jon Snow/Aegon Targaryen. I have no idea what will happen there, but of course I keep thinking back to Dany’s vision at the House of the Undying – snow on the Iron Throne, and Dany never touches the throne or sits on it. Take that as you will. Ultimately, Cersei has got to die. Ultimately, someone else will sit on the Iron Throne. I don’t think it will be Dany.

People I’m looking forward to seeing in the final episodes: Yara Greyjoy, hopefully. A Man, I pray to the Many Faced God. And yeah, we’ll probably see Cleganebowl.

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