The compromised information showed up on several websites, the ‘BBC’ reported.

Nearly half a million users of an adult “furry” erotica video game called High Tail Hall are at risk, after a hacker reportedly attacked the site and stole personal information.

The attack targeted HTH Studios, a website belonging to an adult video game that the BBC noted features “sexualized animal” cartoons. The hack was revealed on the website Have I Been Pwned, which tracks data breaches — and allows users to check if their information had been stolen. The hack targeted email addresses, names, and the order histories of people who subscribe to the racy video game.

The video game High Tail Hall allows players to role-play as well-endowed cartoon animals, and to interact with others who play the game. After the report of the hack surfaced, the website released a statement saying that it had taken new measures to ensure the security of its users.

“As of the overhaul in October of 2018, we are using a much more advance [sic] and stable security system,” it said on its website, recommending that all users change their passwords.

This is not the first time that hackers have targeted very sensitive websites. One of the most famous came in 2015, when hackers targeted the dating website Ashley Madison — a site that facilitates the development of extramarital affairs for their members. Personal information about all of the site’s users soon turned up on searchable databases, allowing people to check if their friends — or partners — were using the website to cheat.

As the Washington Post reported, the site Have I Been Pwned refused to take part in the Ashley Madison breach, only allowing users themselves to check if their information had been stolen.

“There’s no escaping the human impact of it,” HIBP’s creator, Troy Hunt, wrote in a blog post that explained why they would not let people search the entire database. “The discovery of one’s spouse in the data could have serious consequences… I’m not prepared for HIBP to be the avenue through which a wife discovers her husband is cheating, or something even worse.”

But other sites that offered information about the leak did allow the public to search, and it turned up some famous names — including 19 Kids and Counting star Josh Duggar. He would later admit to an addiction to pornography, and would leave his family for several months to go to rehab.

The hack of High Tail Hall has also led to some of the email addresses — and other related personal information — being shared online, the BBC reported.

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