Adam Sandler would like to remind you that he’s still here, and he can still make comedic magic. 

Most of Sandler’s recent slate of films, on Netflix and otherwise, relied on the same string of tired crass jokes, offensive gender stereotypes and exotic locations. Sparing the recent drama “The Meyerowitz Stories,” the actor’s performances were consistently soporific and lazy. From “Jack and Jill” to “The Do-Over” to “The Week Of” many of his films have lacked the sharpness and point of view of his classics like “Happy Madison” and “Big Daddy.” 

But something has clearly changed for Sandler. He’s finally awake. 

His new Netflix stand-up special, “Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh” (streaming now), is a stunning achievement, and the comedian’s best work since his early 2000s glory days. The title winks at Sandler’s relationship with critics, who have trashed many of his films over the course of his career. But “100% Fresh” might just live up to his name on Rotten Tomatoes. 

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