Woman on lockdown reveals she hasn’t showered in a WEEK because she’s ‘not going anywhere’ – and others admit they’ve battled the same feeling

  • British woman admitted she hasn’t showered in a week while in lockdown 
  • She said she ‘struggled to see the point’ because she was not leaving her house 
  • Urged by Mumsnet users to reach for the soap for the sake of her mental health 
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A woman has admitted she hasn’t showered in a week because she ‘doesn’t see the point’ during the coronavirus lockdown. 

The British Mumsnet user took to the parenting site to share her situation, writing: ‘Is anyone else struggling to see the point when we aren’t going anywhere? Tried going for a walk but I still just put comfies on. Am I grim?’

The post prompted responses from other users who admitted they had battled similar feelings. 

A woman has admitted she hasn’t showered in a week because she ‘doesn’t see the point’ during the coronavirus lockdown in the UK. Stock image 

The woman asked whether others felt the same about showers, and added she also didn’t feel like dressing up to go out 

However the majority of responses encouraged the woman to continue washing, saying it would lift her spirits. 

One posted: ‘I am sorry but that is revolting. Everyone should shower every day. A quick 5 mins is all it takes and you would feel a whole lot better.’

Another added: ‘You should keep yourself clean, fresh and well looked after for yourself and your own mental and physical good health, not just for the benefit of other people.’

A third wrote: ”I think it can make you feel worse if you don’t. Why not have a nice long bath and relax and then aim to shower at least every couple of days.’  

People urged the woman to hop in the shower, for the sake of her mental health, but some admitted feeling the same

Some users asked if she lived with anyone else but it is not clear if the original poster responded. 

Some also admitted they felt the same about the state of affairs, but still fought the urge to let go completely of their routine. 

‘I became a bit like this last week, I went 3_days without a shower. I got back in to a routine after that. 

The majority of users responded to encourage the woman to shower and set a routine

‘It can be hard to motivate yourself but try and keep in a routine because eventually (hopefully) things will go back to normal and it’ll be easier if you keep a basic routine,’ said another. 

‘I felt that way for the first time today, made myself do it. I think you need to keep up some standards and routine or you’ll go mad. Totally understand why you feel like you do but I think you’ll feel better if you do,’ said one.   


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