Riverdale returns this week to the CW, but the not-quite companion series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (henceforth CAOS) still has months to go before a new set of episodes reaches Netflix. Despite the show whetting the appetites of fans with a holiday special back in December, viewers still have until April before Season 2 arrives with answers to fans most pressing questions, and then an even longer wait until Season 3. But fans have needs. That’s why there is a Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina YA prequel novel on the way to help tide things over this summer.

First spotted earlier this month on Amazon, Scholastic has confirmed there is a CAOS novel on the way, called Season of the Witch. In fact, the company got in on the show before Season 1 was even released:

In a statement to SyFy Wire, Debra Dorfman, VP/Publisher of Licensed Publishing said the following:

Here’s the synopsis for Season of the Witch, via Amazon’s pre-order page:

Why does it seem like every time Sabrina casts a spell around Harvey it backfires? Perhaps she will learn her lesson one of these days and stop.

As for which way Sabrina chooses, Season 1 already answered that. But like all prequels where fans already know what happens next, the joy in this story is about getting to know the characters the way they were before everything changed. And in this case, fans will be learning a lot more about Ambrose.

The first CAOS novel, Season of the Witch (The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Book 1) will be out on July 9, 2019. Fans can pre-order now.

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